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Anger Quotes about good argument

Anger is never without an argument Quote Meaning: When the argument heats up against you, do not just increase your voice in anger. Make sure that you are able to think through what you are speaking when you are in anger. Bad temper and abusing Read More>>

Anger Quotes about Depression

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The opposite of anger is depression Quote Meaning: When you are angry with yourself and start feeling alone, you start getting into depression. There is scientific evidence that this behavior is very common in women than in men. The emotional connection between anger and depression Read More>>

Anger and Sadness Quote

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Anger is a cowardly extension of sadness Quote Meaning: Emotions come before the words; that’s why instead of telling others that you are hurt, you show your anger on them. Everybody in this world is being insulted by somebody. At the same time, everybody is Read More>>

Anger Quote on Danger

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Anger is just one letter short of danger Quote Meaning: If you get angry, you get close to the danger. To stay away from danger, make sure you know how to control your anger. Anger does not give unhappiness to people around you, it hurts Read More>>

Fuel of Resentment Quote

Best Angry Quotes

Anger is the fuel of resentment Quote Meaning: Anger does not go away automatically, it burns inside you and comes out later. The only way to overcome your anger is to forgive the person and forget the bad incident. If the anger burns for a Read More>>

He Who Angers Quote

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Who angers You Conquers You Quote Meaning: If somebody can make you angry, he can make you do whatever he wants. Controlling your anger is the first step towards overcoming your weakness. Author Elizabeth Kenny says that one who does not control his emotion is slave Read More>>

Holding Anger Quote

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Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal Quote Meaning: Anger affects you than the person you are angry with. It is as foolish as holding hot coal in your hand to throw at someone else you are angry with. Anger is not Read More>>

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