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    In short, we motivate you to inspire others. Brain Quotes motivate you to achieve success and acquire wisdom so that your followers consider you as source of inspiration. Quotations in this website contain the essential knowledge to motivate you to develop your personality and become emotionally intelligent. This website is not meant for those who pretend to sleep. You have two ways to use this site. 1. Motivate your followers by sharing these wisdom quotes in Whatsapp

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How to Decide Your better half in few minutes of meeting

One of the important skill requirement for the 21st century is decision-making skill. Decision making is not only necessary for your career but also determines your personal life path. How often do you make decisions based on Intuitive thinking? Life is all about choices. The life path depends on the choices you make. Decision-making skills help in

Secret history of Overnight Success Inventions revealed

I began reading the book ‘Mastery‘ by Robert Greene earlier this week. While reading the book, I began to draw a comparison with the book ‘How to fly a horse‘ by Kevin Ashton. Growing up, I learned about the theories of great scientists, works of great artists and details about the greatest inventions which paved the

Are you enjoying the freedom consciously?

The commencement speeches contain pearls of wisdom which is not only a useful piece of advice for the students graduating but for others as well. I love to listen to these speeches because many of them are a source of inspiration. I am writing this blog after hearing one such commencement address; late David Foster Wallace’s commencement

Top 10 things you miss out by outsourcing your life to others

I have two wonderful kids under the age of 10. The most surprising thing about my kids is that they both have the same answer when they get into some trouble. ITS NOT MY FAULT, DADDY. With two kids at home, things go wrong very often. They fight for toys, to watch their favorite TV channel,

Simple FOLLOW Technique to Overcome Your Worst Procrastinates

What is the most efficient use of your time? Is it forwarding on jokes, calling your old friends who are out of touch for many years, showing to everybody that you are cool by posting in social media, sitting in meetings and chatting. Are you choosing your tasks based on importance and urgency or based on

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How people develop resistance to persuasion

Resistance to Persuasion: It is observed that even health related persuasive message in which most people have vested interests, does not result in a change in attitudes in the desired direction. Why do people maintain their original attitudes even it needs change? Selective attention to information: Attending to details that conform or support the existing attitudes.

Powerful Attention Quotes that improves your perception

Attention Quotes Attention Quotes by Winston Churchill: Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. Edward de Bono Quote on who is an expert: An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and

How much children learn by observing others

Imitation by children is called as Observational learning by educational psychologists. It is also called as modeling. In this style of learning, learning occurs because of observing, retaining and duplicating the behavior executed by others. This type of learning is called as Social Learning theory and is devised by Albert Bandura. According to this, learning occurs

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