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  1. Oscars 2017 says:


  2. Christoper Burke says:

    Sometimes this statement a kind of aphorism or conventional wisdom about how people act in groups. One person might be completely logical and practical, but a group of people — even one that includes logical and practical people — can seem to behave emotionally and irrationally.

  3. George Mansanto says:

    Right emotions don’t lie, Intuition is more dependable than intelligence in taking many important decisions and to solve problems.

  4. Kristine L Lubumad says:

    Wahahaha I ‘m not sure because what I went through it doesn’t break my heart, it’s feels weird. I don’t know if I’m or sad or angry, I’m sad because I’ve known if I’m there nothing should’ve happened like that, and in another way I’m mad of stupid retarded unthinkable pathetic peoples that they don’t know nothing and thier brain fulls of monuns. I love my parents dearly but I can’t love everything or anybody if I don’t want too and nobody can make me. It’s all common sense than I relized that most of us born stupid and they will die still stupid.

  5. SomeLady says:

    I agree with this quote. All through our life we would love to have someone to listen to, talk to, receive advice and suggestion. This just gives us satisfaction that atleast there is someone in our life with whom we can share this life.

  6. Rohit Parikh says:

    Personality is a developed ,creativity energy force ,whereby any individual can established his image without being blowing his own trumpet .

    Attitude has a natural tendency ,it comes & cultivated within the conscious mind of an individual .It depend only on individual in which way he want to shape his life .It is this areas where we observe & notice different type of individual which different manners ,temperament ,rigid behavior ,which forms his own attitude of life..

    It is this attitude of an individual who has to decide the way of his chosen road .Both this indicates a different shape but with a will,faith ,& the observation of life he can also may a footstep in category of personality

  7. Manikandan says:

    attitude is with respect to people or things but personality is what is within.

  8. Nice qutoes make more and more God bls u guys u make do nice quotes for people good luck

  9. Zahid says:

    Really amazing quotation i liked your quotes

  10. woah great collection