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Emotions Never Lie Quote

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions never lie Explanation: Emotions which are accumulated in your mind is the result of all your life experiences. These emotional impressions of daily life events are stored in our subconscious mind. This emotional gut feeling is often

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Short Emotional Quotes

Dealing With People who are Creatures Of Emotion Quote Meaning: Often men make the mistake of being logical in discussion without understanding the mood of the other person. This invites problem in a business meeting and personal relationships. We should strive to feel other person’s emotion

Mystic emotion Quote

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The finest emotion is the mystic emotion Quote Meaning: Mystic emotion is the life force and the universal consciousness. One first need to understand their feelings to control their emotions such that we respond from the perspective of love. Mystic emotion involves the process of

Faulty Memory Quote

Top Emotional Quotes

Memory is always faulty quote explanation It is strange how we store information about others, we may not recollect any experience with that person, but our behavior to that person is still based on past experiences with that person. We have an automatic behavior exhibiting

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