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Procrastination quotes hill to climb waiting make it smaller

When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller

Procrastination quote about waiting

When there are many tasks at hand, do not wait for the right time to begin those tasks. Act now, some of the tasks might have already expired. Don't be under the misconception that time is the answer for all your tasks.
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50+ Sad Feeling lonely quotes about loneliness

That feeling when you are not neccessarily sad, but you just feel really empty.

Feeling Lonely Quotes about loneliness

Depression is feeling of loneliness and finding yourself really empty in front of others. You feel that no body needs you and no one bothers that you exist in this world.
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Letting go Quotes finally let go of the past

When you finally let go of the past, something good comes along.

Forgetting Past Quotes

Don't hang on the things which happened in your past. It has no relevance to your future. Only if let go of your past thoughts, your can plan your future.

Angry Quotes right to be angry and cruel

Sometimes when I'm angry, I have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel.

Angry Quote about cruel

Angrily is like a knife, it can be used for both good and bad depending on the person using it. Many big changes in the society happen because of somebody's angry.
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Personality quotes analyzing judging other people

Know yourself before you go around, analyzing and judging other people.

Judging Others Quote

No one understands the fact that if someone talks ill about others when that person is not around, they will be doing the same when they are not there. For some people, talking or listening to gossip have become pleasure.
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Patience quotes someone waits for you

If someone waits for you, it does not mean that they have nothing else to do.

Priority and Patience Quote

In business world as well in our personal life, you might have encountered timeless waits in various occasions. You have patience, and this does not mean that you do not have any other priority work. Remember this, when somebody is waiting for yourself. It is not that they do not have any priorities in their life, they value yourself and thats why they are waiting with patience.
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Quotes about happiness on two things that make us unhappy

The two things makes us unhappy are living in the past and observing others.

What makes us unhappy Quote

If you always think about your past, your life will be miserable if your past is full of bad memories. Also, the moment you start comparing yourself with others and feel jealous about them, your potential decreases and your energy is wasted on negative emotions towards the other person.
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