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Imitation Quote

Best Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Imitation is the sincerest flattery Quote Meaning Children don’t learn what you say, but what you do. They imitate our behaviors. If your behavior is consistent and good, then their behavior would be resulting in a positive attitude. What you sow is what you reap.

Best Quotes about Life

Increasing Speed of Life Quotes Explanation: The world is speeding towards self-destruction by carelessly depleting its resources. What is life, if we crave for something new all the time without enjoying what we have already. Life is not about moving fast towards your destination but relax

Priority Quote on Work

Short Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Action Expresses Priority Status Meaning: Often you find the disparity in what people say and what they do. People try to hide their true intentions by saying something positive about it. If you want to find out someone’s priority in their life, you should observe

Mahatma Gandhi Life is Message

Short Mahatma Gandhi Status for Whatsapp

My Life is my Message Quote Meaning Live your life so that the way you lead your life tells others how to lead the life. For example, Mahatma Gandhi leads a simple life by wearing handwoven cotton dresses to tell to the world that simplicity

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