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Disease of Soul Proverb

Best English Proverb Quotes

Diseases of the soul are more dangerous than those of the body Quote Meaning: Mental and emotional pain is more severe than physical pain. It has the potential to drive people insane and do things which they never normally do. Main Topic: Emotional Quotes Key

Grow Proverb

Short English Proverb Quotes

Grow where you are planted Quote Meaning: Dont move in search of success but try to work and succeed where you are right now Main Topic: Struggle Quotes Key Terms: Planted, WhereGrow where you are plantedAuthor: English Proverb

Little Knowledge Proverb

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing Quote Meaning: Insufficient knowledge of a subject often leads to disastrous consequences Main Topic: Knowledge Quotes Key Terms: Thing, Dangerous, Knowledge, LittleA little knowledge is a dangerous thingAuthor: English Proverb

Sitting in Shade Proverb

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Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade Quote Meaning: You cannot achieve anything without working hard Main Topic: Hard work Quotes Key Terms: Shade, Sitting, GardensGardens are not made by sitting in the shadeAuthor: English Proverb

Dont Fix Proverb

If it aint broke dont fix it Quote Meaning: If something is working fine, do not attempt to improve it, as it may damage it Main Topic: Problem Quotes Key Terms: BrokeIf it ain’t broke, don’t fix itAuthor: English Proverb

Nobody Wants to Die Proverb

Everyone want to go to heaven but nobody wants to die Quote Meaning: Every person wants to achieve success but is resistant to working hard and doing what it takes to get there Main Topic: Death Quotes Key Terms: Wants, Nobody, Heaven, EveryoneEveryone want to

Buttered Side Falls Down Proverb

Best English Proverb Quotes

The bread always falls buttered side down Quote Meaning: A thought believed by pessimists, who always expect the worse to happen Main Topic: Worry Quotes Key Terms: Buttered, Falls, Always, BreadThe bread always falls buttered side downAuthor: English Proverb

Gate of Idleness Proverb

Poverty waits at the gate of idleness Quote Meaning: If you do not work hard, you will not earn any money Main Topic: Procrastination Quotes Key Terms: Idleness, Waits, PovertyPoverty waits at the gate of idlenessAuthor: English Proverb

Monkey in Silk Proverb

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A monkey in silk is a monkey no less Quote Meaning: The basic character of a person cannot be hidden by the external appearances he puts on Main Topic: Character Quotes Key Terms: Monkey, MonkeyA monkey in silk is a monkey no lessAuthor: English Proverb

Lie Down With Dog Proverb

Top English Proverb Quotes

If you lie down with dogs you will get up fleas Quote Meaning: If you get into bad company, you will have to face negative consequences that arise Main Topic: Relationship Quotes Key Terms: FleasIf you lie down with dogs, you will get up fleasAuthor:

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