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No one can make you feel inferior Quote

Best Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

Make You Feel inferior Quote Meaning: Some people have low self-esteem who enjoy passing negative comments and opinion about others to satisfy their ego. Do you think anyone can make you feel inferior without your consent? Outside cannot create Depression and Sadness on yourself. It

One thing that scares you Quote

Quotes about Do one thing every day that scares you Meaning: This is the only thing you have to do to get out of your fear and become brave. More you do activities you fear to do, you indirectly teach your unconscious mind to get

Small minds discuss People Quotes

Best Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

Great minds discuss Ideas small minds discuss people Quote Meaning Dumb people gossip about others (actress divorce). Average people discuss current events(weather condition). Smart people share ideas( evolution of human) and extend their understanding of the world. Main Topic: Intelligence Quotes Related Topics: Mind, Idea,

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