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Enjoy Time Quotes

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The time you enjoy wasting Quote Meaning There is a thin line between hard work and stress. If you work hard without minding the time, then stress will occupy yourself lowering the efficiency. Set aside some time for enjoyment. Main Topic : Procrastination Quotes Related

Good Life Quotes

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Explanation about good life inspired by love and guided by knowledge: This quote says that life should have both love and knowledge. Knowledge is what makes us move towards it and love is what makes us enjoys the path to knowledge Main Topic: Quotes about

Conquer Fear Quotes

Top Bertrand Russell Quotes

Explanation about the quote about fear: Wisdom begins within you, the moment you conquer your fear. There are thousands of phobias officially listed as mental illness which limits human’s capacities and capabilities. He who conquers fear conquers the life. Main Topic: Wisdom Quote Related Topics:

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