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Mystic emotion Quote

Best Albert Einstein Quotes

The finest emotion is the mystic emotion Quote Meaning: Mystic emotion is the life force and the universal consciousness. One first need to understand their feelings to control their emotions such that we respond from the perspective of love. Mystic emotion involves the process of

Do Schools teach Critical Thinking?

Short Albert Einstein Quotes

Education is not the learning of facts Quote Explanation Our school education system is focussing only on learning many facts but gives seldom importance to training our mind to think. Main Topic: Education Quotes Related Topics: Learning, Fact, Training, Mind, Thinking Education is not the

Falling in Love Quote

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You can’t blame gravity for falling in love Quote Meaning: There need not be any reason for someone to fall in love with another person. There are no rules and regulations so there is nothing to blame for that feeling, it just happens. Main Topic: Love

Solution is Simple Quote

When the solution is simple, god is answering Quote Meaning: Einstein thinks that one of the toughest thing to do is to find simple solutions to problems. It takes a touch of genius to find simplicity in solutions. When you find simple solutions, you always think

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