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Sad Life Quotes About Worry

Best Moral stories for kids

Worry Often gives small thing big shadow Quote Meaning: When you are sad mood, even the small things matter a lot. The magnitude of the problem is amplified by your thoughts, but the actual problem remains in the same size. Instead of making the problem

Mango tree Story about positive attitude

Story about positive attitude: Once teacher who lived in the forest had two disciples. Among them, one had a very good positive attitude towards life, and he sought out excellent points from something he observed even though the other student sees only the negative aspect of what he

Elephant and Tiny Rope Story about belief

Elephant Rope Story about belief: Once a man went to the circus, and he was passing the elephants, he abruptly stopped, confused by the truth that these large creatures have been getting held by only a tiny rope tied to their front leg. No chains,

Highest Fence Quote

Fear is the highest fence
- Dudley Nichols

Explanation about fear Quote Meaning: The highest fence for all the happiness in the life is our fear. Get out of your fence and cross them, you get closer to your happiness. One should come out of his fear and explore the world. The basis of

Hard Working Quote

Famous Moral stories for kids

Hard work relieves Bullock cart Story Quote Meaning The rain gods had been pouring the entire evening. The roads had been muddy as well as the potholes have been filled with loamy and clay soil making it tough for the vehicles to move on. It was

Attitude towards others Quote

Children Learn Behavior and Attitude from Parents Children learn attitudes from all those significant people in their lives such as parents, teachers, friends, etc. Nowadays media and caretaker should also be included in the significant list. Children learn many behaviors and attitude to demonstrate for the

Words of Wisdom Quotes about Life

Cute Moral stories for kids

People aren’t against You Quote Meaning Do you think that the whole world is against you? Your perception of people may be wrong. They are not against you. They are just selfish, so they are living for themselves. Their survival and greed keep them busy

Anger Quote on Danger

Anger is just one letter short of danger Quote Meaning: If you get angry, you get close to the danger. To stay away from danger, make sure you know how to control your anger. Anger does not give unhappiness to people around you, it hurts

Positive Attitude Quote

Best Moral stories for kids

Anywhere is paradise Quote Meaning Explanation about positive attitude quotes: Any place can be paradise if you change your perception about that. Every place is like hell if you think so. It’s all about your attitude. If you Keep positive thoughts and leave negative thoughts,

Words of Wisdom Quotes by Muhammad Ali

Short Moral stories for kids

Make the Days Count Quote Meaning Are you a kind of person who wants to pass your time somehow now so that you can have bright future. If you just pass your time, what are the chances that your future will be good? Think every

Quotes about Hard Work

Top Moral stories for kids

No shortcuts to any place Worth Going Quote Meaning: When you take shortcuts to achieve your goal, you won’t be able to enjoy the success after you reach the goal. Author Beverly Sills says that the success achieved through hard work gives more happiness and

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