Essential Three P’s for Successful Life


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Success is the sum of small efforts

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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Success is the sum of small efforts Quote Meaning:

If you act as if you are enthusiastic in doing your tasks, you will become enthusiastic at the end. If you act as if you are brave, you will become brave one day. Make sure that all your little efforts are always aligned towards your goal.

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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Author: Robert Collier

Explanation of success quote about perseverance and patience

If you have patience and perseverance and put your efforts, however, small it may be, will undoubtedly lead to success. Make sure that all these little efforts are aligned towards your goal and repeat them everyday to reach your purpose.

If you do a task half-heartedly, you will become tired soon. When you enjoy your work, you do it before the schedule, and there won’t be any tiredness. The reason is that of your reduced blood flow and reduced breathing. When you enjoy the task, you subconscious mind increases the speed as well as perfection. It is better to employ people who sing while they work. They are both perfectionists and highly skilled. The one who cries that he is doing work of ten persons, will not even do one tenth of the work done by the person who sings and work.

When you are in love, you cannot see any negative about the person you love. Similarly, when you fall in love with your goal, your worries and shame will never get a chance to get into your mind and disturb you, till you achieve your goal. Your goal occupies your mind and does not allow anything else into it.

Charles John Huffam Dickens does not have formal education, but when he writes his novels, he locks himself in a room for months together till he completes the novel. The characters in his novel occupies his mind day in and day out for many months. He is known for some of his world’s best fictional characters. Success is achieved when your put small efforts repeatedly everyday. This is the essence of this success quote.

Archimedes, died in 212 BCE when Roman forces captured the city during the war. A Roman soldier broke into his house to loot, but found Archimedes drawing something on the ground. He asked his name and his details. But Archimedes was busy with some diagrams he drew on the sand and was absorbed into it. He begged the soldier not to disturb his work. He told the soldier to wait till he solves the problem and then execute him. But, the Roman soldier did not have any patience and killed him as he did not know who he was. It is because of this personality, Archimedes has become one of the leading mathematician and scientist of all time.

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