I am a slow walker but I never walk back Meaning


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I Never Walk Back Quote

I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back.

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I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back Quote Meaning:

In our professional and personal lives, we come to a stand still when faced with issues. We think that it is a bad dream and would all go away. Or someone would come to rescue us from the downfall. Unfortunately, that does not come true, and we are often stuck in the quicksand.

It is vital not to dwell on the failures. It is more important to stop fretting about the past and move forward even if it is small steps. These small steps help in gaining momentum over a period!

Abraham Lincoln was the one of the most powerful president of the US who strengthened the government, modernised the economy and abolished the slavery. His quote reflects what many of the us do when we are moving forward and face hurdles. We fall into a state of despair. Either we come to an abrupt stop or look back to retrace the steps.

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I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back.

Author: Abraham Lincoln

Quotation Variation:

I walk slowly but i never walk backward.

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