Tools and Techniques to Improve Creative Thinking Skills


What is creative thinking skills

Creative Thinking Skill is the ability of a person to explore new ways of doing things. A Person with good creative thinking skill will be able to come up with numerous solutions to the problem whereas poor creative thinking person will struggle to give more than one solution.

Every one of us has the capability and potential to be creative, but we lose this capability in our childhood because of the fear of failure induced by the school and society around us. Fear of making mistakes and looking foolish prevent us from putting forth our creative ideas. Creative thinking skill is encouraged at the kinder garden and during early primary education, but as the time children move to secondary education, they are asked to memorize answers and follow instructions.

Creative thinking is what differentiates workers from creators. Anybody can follow or execute a given set of instructions with required training, but it takes creative thinking to come up with the instructions to be followed. Creative thinkers create new products and workers produce products based on the design.

Characteristics of Creative Thinkers:

  • Ability to come up with unusual Ideas.
  • Always relate things from the different domain.
  • Creative Thinkers see possibilities and opportunities whereas others see problems and obstacles.
  • They do not have a fear of failure.
  • Very Good Observers.
  • High level of curiosity.
  • Represent their understanding in pictures.
  • They believe that there are many solutions to Problem.
  • Many People surround creative thinkers because of their humor.

Concepts related to Creative Thinking

  • Generate Alternatives
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Reframing: Changing perspective about the situation
  • Suspend Judgement
  • Incubation
  • Innovation = Creativity + Value
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