Never be sad for what is over just be glad


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Never be Sad Quotes

Never be sad for what is over just be glad that is was once yours.

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Never be sad for what is over Quote Meaning:

You cannot own or enjoy anything in this life forever. How many things have you lost and worried in your life? The worry is even more if you lose a person with whom you are closely attached or lose your love. Eventually, you learn that life just moves on. Every moment will expire, and you should be able to cherish your rest of life that you enjoyed it once rather than longing for it.

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Never be sad for what is over just be glad that is was once yours.

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Sad Story of Apple Tree:

Never be Sad Quote Explanation

After you move on with your life, there is no point in regretting about your past. Never be sad for what was once yours but lost now. Be happy that you owned it for some time. Many people never think that during their whole lifetime, at least, they had it once in their life.

This story explains this sad quote on longing about parenting. A long time ago, there was a giant apple tree. Apple tree was sad because nobody used to play near it. After some days, a small kid liked to come and have fun playing near it each and every day. He climbed on the treetop, ate the apples, and took a quick sleep underneath the shadow.


He liked the tree and the tree also wanted to play with him. Days passed, the little kid grew up and he no more played around the tree every day. The tree became again sad that there is no one around to play. To overcome its sadness, it said to itself ‘never be sad’, that at least it got one boy played in his lifetime and felt good about it.

After many years, the boy came back to the tree, and he appeared to be sorrowful.
“Why are you sad, Never be sad. Come and enjoy with me,” the tree asked the boy.

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“I am no more a child; I no more play around the trees any more” the boy replied.

“I need toys to play. Can you give me money to buy it so that I can play with them.”

Tree replied that “I am very sorry, and I do not have any money with me. However, you can pluck all my apples and get money by selling them on the market.”

He grabbed a lot of apples on the tree and went away happily. The boy did not get back to the tree after he picked the apples. The tree became very sad that is had lost the boy again. It again consoled itself not to be sad that he could not see the boy again.

Again after few years, the boy who now became adult returned. Seeing him, the tree was energized.

“Come and let us play ” the tree requested.

“I have no time to play as I have to complete critical task now. I’ve to build a house for my family. We want a household for shelter. Is it possible to assist me?”

“Sorry, but I don’t have any home. However you can chop off my branches to build your home.” This gentleman cut nearly all the branches of the tree and took away the necessary wood blocks. The tree was happy that he is delighted though this guy hardly ever arrived again. The tree was all over again lonely and become sad waiting for that guy to come back.

After many years, one day, the person returned to the tree and the tree was delighted.

The tree again requested that person to play with it.

“I am very much aged now. I would like to go sailing to rest myself. Is it possible to give me a ship?” claimed the person.

“Don’t be sad. Use my trunk to create your boat. You could sail happily on the rivers and enjoy your retirement life.” tree said.

Therefore, the gentleman took off the tree trunk for making a ship. He went sailing and hardly ever planned to return for a very long time.

Eventually, the person returned after many years. “Sorry, my boy. But now, I do not have anything with me to help you anymore.”, the tree claimed.

“I don’t want anything now..All I need now is a place for relaxation. I’m drained right after these decades,” the person replied.

“Good! Aged tree roots will be the finest spot to lean on and relaxation, sit with me and relax.” The person sat down as well as the tree was happy and smiled with tears.

Moral of the Sad Story

The tree is like our moms and dads. Whenever we have been youthful, we love to play with our Mum and Dad. Once we grow, we go away from them; only arrive at them whenever we require a thing or when we are in difficulty.

Source: Story by Shel Silverstein

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