Sad Quotes about strength from sadness and pain


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Sad Quotes about strength

We gather strength from sadness and from pain. Each time we die we learn to live again.

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We gather Strength from sadness and Pain Quote Meaning:

If you do not feel the pain and sadness, you have no need to gather strength. It is the pain which makes us strength by giving life lessons and prepares us to encounter difficult situations in life.

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We gather strength from sadness and pain. Each time we die we learn to live again.

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Explanation of strength and sadness quote

People who believe in God have the habit of leaving the consequences of the actions of God as they think they are managed by God. They perform their duties and do not expect anything in return. This is what Bhagavad-gita talks about karma yoga. When you expect something in return and if it does not happen, it leads to misery.
If the vessel you hold the milk falls and breaks, what is the point in worrying about the broken utensil and wasted milk? Buying milk again will give you mental peace than worrying about the wasted milk. If one door is closed, it means that many other doors will be opened for you. If you start cribbing about the closed door, you will not notice the new door opened.

If there are no worries in this world, mankind would not have acquired knowledge and advanced this fast in science and technology. It teaches a man to be courageous, brave, and to be discipline, etc. Fire can be used to melt alloys or to strengthen clay. It depends on the usage. Worry is similar to fire. It depends on the person using it. It can be used to gain strength or become weak. Many people gain strength from sadness and pain.

The biggest roadblock for the human race is laziness. Laziness sometimes prevents you from getting your basic needs of life. It has the potential to keep as a slave forever. Tiredness and boring are the primary reason for the laziness and procrastination. Even if you are physically strong, your mental weakness can spoil your physical ability. Placebo effect means medication using your mind’s belief. There are many diseases which are chronic in nature which is cured by mental strength and belief. Mental strength increases through the sadness and pain the person undergoes in his life.

Mental tiredness leads to changes in facial expression. The Dull face will make all the relatives and friends to walk away from you. Unnecessary worries and frustration starts. Anxiety and tension will catch on. You won’t be able to talk freely which will eventually block your actions. Slipping tasks lead to worries and resentment. This cycle goes on and leads to depression.

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