Quotes about working hard without little sweat


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Sweat Quotes about working hard

No goal was ever met without a little sweat.

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No goal was ever met without a little sweat quote meaning

Our education system has failed to teach values and moral to society. It has taught us, to use the loopholes and exploit resources from both natures and others. Knowledge and effort are being used to plan to deceive others and to defend whatever mistakes we make. These kind of people are increasing in whopping number in this generation.

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No goal was ever met without a little sweat.

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No one is interested in growing ethically, step by step growth does not have any value in current society. Getting luxuries by taking any path (either ethical or legal does not matter) has become the purpose and lifestyle of the current society. Few good people who are sill remaining in the society are really afraid of the competition of this ‘gather wealth anyhow’ crowd. They attain it by inducing fear in us or by deceiving us with desire.

All government officials do not concentrate on their duties and are interested in taking up individual work for money, work that yields more money or personal work. We have too much rights and subsidies that blind us to perform our duty. There is no self-responsibility. People should fear freedom as freedom comes with responsibilities. But nowadays there is right to drink, right to spit and urinate anywhere, right to smoke, right to dump garbage anywhere, right to adulterate water sources, the right to poison other’s mind, etc. Anybody can write on anything, anything can be spoken, anything can be done. It is called as uncontrolled freedom, and this will eventually lead to more chaos than what we are observing today.

When the desire to own anything more than what is needed occupies the mind, patience, perseverance towards your purpose leaves your mind. This paves the way for all thoughts of worry and sadness. The one who achieves by shortcut ways do not sleep in the night because of their fear and guilt. Their mental health deteriorates first which will eventually weaken them physically.

One who achieves his goals through hard work will achieve it in the ethical and legal way. This eradicates the guilt and brings happiness in the achievement. There are no shortcuts to victory. If there are, then reaching the goal is not considered a victory. Without dedication, sacrifice, determination and hard work, no one has achieved anything great in their life. People who get easy access to victory lose it during the subsequent chance.

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