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No 1 reason for all your extreme sufferings

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The extreme self centered attitude is the source of suffering Quote Meaning

The biggest source of all our suffering is the desire which stems out because of our self centered attitude. Not all desires we have result in suffering. But the ones which are resulted from our selfish attitude cause the worst.

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The extreme self centered attitude is the source of suffering.

Author: Dalai Lama

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Knowledge has increased the level of selfishness of people in the society. It is not the problem with the knowledge. It is the problem with the individuals who use this knowledge in wrong ways. It is not the fault of rain to drop in the ditch. So don’t complain.

What is self-centered attitude?

Self-centered attitude or selfishness is thinking that the whole world revolves around us and put emphasis on ourselves in everything we do. It is not a problem if selfishness drives some of our actions, but if selfishness drives all our actions and motives, then it becomes a mental problem as no one finds it fun to be with a selfish person.

Others Words: egocentric, self-centered thinking, self-absorbed, selfish, egoistic, self-indulgent, narcissistic

How is selfishness formed?

Selfishness is taught to us by our parents as early in our childhood. Our parents teach us behaviors either by saying it or by doing it. When we repeat these behaviors, it becomes a self-centered attitude. When this approach is applied to every object or every situation, then we become a selfish personality.

If one is incapable and could not get what he wants, he begins to change. His morals and values are lost. Selfish nature is primarily the cause for this. People who are in power and have enough wealth accumulated by wrong ways set a bad example for others to follow. People pick corrupt leaders as an example and deceive others to get power, fame, and wealth.

How to identify Selfish people?

There are common behaviors which allow us to identify individuals who are self-centered. But when it comes to us, it is tough to notice the same behavior if we are self-centered.

  1. They defend their points even on trivial matters.
  2. Not showing any interest to know about you.
  3. They become bored and impatient often and move out of the crowd during gatherings.
  4. They don’t respect your opinion and ideas.
  5. Always arrive late to meetings and parties to show that “I am here now”.

How to deal with selfish people

A positive approach to address self-centered people is suggested by wiki how. The approach begins by identifying and discussing the selfish behavior and its outcomes to the individual who is suffering self-centric disorder. If your friend accepts that and take, corrective actions help them to measure their progress and moderate their activities to get out of their selfish attitude. If they do not agree, it is time to end the relationship and walk away from them.

How to Deal With a Self Centered Friend

Keep in mind that selfishness can indicate other problems.
Think about whats bothering you.
Consider underlying problems.
Think about times you’ve been selfish.
Make a time to talk.
Tell your friend exactly what is bothering you.
Focus on your feelings.
Listen to what your friend has to say.
Get your friend to agree to work on her behavior.
Remind your friend if she starts falling back on old behavior.
Stop being a doormat.
Stay positive.
Check progress often.
Take a break.
Know when its time to end the relationship.
read more at wikihow.com


Problems being a self-centered person

From the outset, it may look like the one who is cheating leads a prosperous life but deep inside they are full of fear, guilt and other toxic feelings. They think that everyone is scared of them, but the reality is they are scared to admit their fear in front of others.

Selfish people live a lonely life as it affects their ability to have healthy social and personal relationships. Their selfish nature annoys others by not giving any respect to their opinion or existence. They always direct the attention towards themselves and are interested in talking only about them.

You are wrong is considered excellent. I am right and you are wrong is also seen as fine, but I can be right only if you are wrong is a severe mental issue of the self centered disorder. These kinds of people have the motivation to harm others in a confused attempt to be happy.

The self-centered attitude comes back to us in our thoughts and criticizes us for being such an egomaniac. It’s like you both enjoy your view at a conscious level and get frustrated and guilty as you hate that behavior at your unconscious level. It makes your life miserable.

How to change selfish attitude of your children

It is better to change the selfish nature during the childhood than at the adult stage. These techniques outlined here by X for children also applies to adults. Selfish attitude is a learned behavior. Children have a natural affinity towards caring and are concerned about other people. But it is the duty of the parents to nurture them.

Five ways to change your kid’s selfish behavior by Dr. Borba

  1. Censor Selfishness: Set them clearly the attitude expectations. Catch them when they perform any ill-acts and correct them.
  2. Nurture Empathy: The more you feel about others, the more you become unselfish and caring.
  3. Set Limits: Many child development studies concludes that when parents set behavioral expectations, the kids turned out to be unselfish.
  4. Establish Co-operation: Intentionally make sure that their children are aware of the rights, feelings, and needs of others in performing their tasks.
  5. Reinforce Selfless Acts: Reward you kids when they do selfless acts to reinforce altruistic acts. Read more at pregnancy.org

More and More Selfish People are being produced now

Earlier people with good attitude were trying to change people with a bad attitude, but nowadays people with bad attitude are trying to change people with good attitude. People with a good attitude are perceived as useless by the current society. There is no unity among the people with a good attitude as they fear the consequences when fighting against the bad people.

Earlier people used to spit on ill-doers on their face. But nowadays, they are praised in public. People like to maintain a relationship with them, so as to gain something from them. Some are even prided to tell others that they are associated or close to bad people, because of their fame. This extreme self-centered attitude is not the source of suffering for the person who possess it, but also makes all the people around them to suffer.
Some godly nature people do good deeds to others by suffering themselves. There are also, individuals who are ready to suffer to make other suffer. The majority of people who envy, encourage others to do evil things. They are happy to see others suffering.

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