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Everything about Procrastination

Procrastination is postponing your tasks to tomorrow which should have been done today. Most of the time, tasks which are postponed to tomorrow never gets done. To overcome procrastination, one should become proactive and diligent (opposite of procrastination). If you are still not clear, read the definition of procrastination here.

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Success requires self-discipline in performing your tasks. Elbert Hubbard defines self-discipline as “the capability to make yourself do what you ought to do when you ought to do it, whether or not you like it or not.”

Beginning, doing, and finishing a task is an accurate test of character and will power. Persistence and perseverance are the important aspects of self-discipline. These two character traits need to be mastered first, to succeed in the career as well in life. It helps you to shape and mold your character and turn out to be a self-motivating person.

Are you aware that kids with strict fathers use procrastination as a way to cope up because they cannot rebel?

If you intention is not to learn tools and techniques to overcome laziness, then you can go here to find out picture images on procrastination jokes to share with your social media friends. Are you just looking for procrastination quotes pictures to share, please go ahead by following the link. The content below is only relevant for serious guys who want to transform themselves into a self-motivated person.

Being a procrastinator, I got lost on the internet while searching on how to stop procrastinating. Information proliferation on this topic is too much on the web and the conflicting views confused me a lot. I thought of postponing my learning on this topic couple of times. You might think the same way too. So, after learning the techniques and practiced those techniques. I designed a generic strategy so that you can identify your type of procrastination and use the best method based on your procrastination type.

Your first step would be to understand the meaning of procrastination and then find your type. After you identify your procrastination type, you will get suggestions on what techniques and tips you should use to overcome your procrastinates based on your type.

Top Reasons why we procrastinate

Most people postpone and makeup excuses for why they can’t do something. Procrastinating is just a state of thought, and it can be switched in a split of a second if you decide to do so. Make up your mind that each job which is important to you is a ‘must’ not a ‘should’, that’s how you should build motivation and momentum.

Main reason for laziness is due to the deficit of either knowledge or skill to perform the task at hand. If you possess the necessary skill to do the task, then, probably you cannot find ways to self-motivate you till you complete the task. Without self-motivation, tasks will be paused in the middle and never resumed. Read more on why we procrastinate

Procrastination Types

Based on types of tasks you postpone, one can quickly identify which type of procrastinator they are?. Various types include Skill Deficit, Motivation Deficit, Megalomaniac, Street Smart, etc.

Procrastination Quotations

Quotes from famous authors about procrastination are collected on the procrastination quotes page. Click the below image to pick the best one to share on facebook or Whatsapp status.

Procrastination quotes Whatever you want to do, do it now

How to Stop Procrastination

To perform your activities on a consistent basis, you need to develop skills by using appropriate techniques to avoid procrastination. There are many techniques to overcome laziness based on your type. Understanding and practicing these techniques and tips will help you to deal with procrastination in an efficient manner. Can you believe that you can overcome your laziness in 22 hours?

Next Steps:

Start here by understanding the Simple FOLLOW technique to introspect your daily tasks and overcome procrastination by finding out whether your procrastinating habit is healthy or unhealthy for your life, future, love and wealth.

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Experiments on Procrastination

Experiments on Procrastination and Willpower by Nicholas Burger

Two studies were conducted to test the benefits of setting external deadlines and how willpower affects behavior. We find that for a large task, external deadlines did not reduce procrastination. Also, a task which depletes willpower reduces initial effort but improves the overall completion rates for the tasks. read more at

Procrastination and deadline - A Field Experiment by Alberto Bisin

We study procrastination in the context of a student’s effort to complete tasks with a fixed deadline. Students showed a strong commitment in case of self-imposed deadlines. Present-bias does not significantly affect behavior in the context of repeated similar tasks. This suggests various frame effects whereby repeated similar task activate internal self-control. Beyond present bias, our results reveal that behavioral attitude of the person play an important role in deciding the level of procrastination. read more at

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