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Be Perfect to Judge Me Quote

Before you judge me, make sure that you are perfect.

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Before you judge me Quote Meaning

People often judge others without thinking about how perfect they are for the very same thing they judge others.

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Before you judge me, make sure that you are perfect.

Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

Source: Book: Economic Warfare

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Dirty Window Story about attitude

A couple relocated to a brand new neighborhood. The following morning, while they were taking breakfast, the young lady watches her neighbor hang the washed laundry clothes outdoors. She mentioned, “That laundry just isn’t clean enough, She does not even know how to wash appropriately. What kind of women is she?” Her husband looked on but remained silent.
Each time her neighbor would hang her washed clothes for drying, she would make precisely the same comments to her husband. About one month later, the lady was shocked to view a good clean wash and mentioned to her husband. At last! She has learnt tips on how to clean correctly. The man stated, I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.And so it truly is with life. Our life is actually a creation of our thoughts. What we see when we’re watching other individuals, depends on the cleanliness of the window using which we see. When we see negative things in others, probably it means our way of seeing may be wrong. So let us don’t forget this story of Dirty Laundry and clean our windows prior to commenting or concluding on other folks.

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