Is it Possible to Learn New Skill in 20 hours


This article about learning a new skill in 20 hours would be one of your longest articles you have read, but trust me if you have passion towards learning. Its might be worth the time.

I decided to write a post on How to Learn New Skill in 20 hours after watching inspiring TED talk by Josh Kaufman. He talks about four step method to acquire a new skill in 20 hours. If you are interested in watching this Ted Talk, here is the link

My Learning Experiment

After listening to his inspiring talk, I thought of trying out acquiring a new skill in 20 hours. I am a quick learner (not just quick. Very quick learner indeed). From the beginning, ( from my school days is what I remember), I did not depend on teachers and tutors to learn about any topic. In fact, I should say that I had an intense passion towards learning new topics and new skills. So, I thought of giving it a try.

I failed to learn a new skill in 20 hours. The failure is not because of the model, it is because of my narrow understanding of the subject, learning ( a subject I am mentioning here is the learning itself). Though I can learn new things fast, I did not know the nuances of finding the right learning tools, choosing the best technique, utilizing the best tips, tricks in the learning subject (I did not spend much time on learning about learning itself during my lifetime). This failure gave me, the biggest insight of my lifetime. I decided that learning how to learn or, in other words, learning the skill to learn a new skill is more important than learning a skill.

Finding General Technique to acquire new skill

Then, I started exploring what is the general technique to acquire any skill before attempting to learn specific skills (more importantly within 20 hours). Internet did not help, as there was little information available on the subject. So I decided to come up with framework or technique to learn a new skill before attempting to do it within 20 hours. If you are interested in learning about my technique to learn any new skill, wait for my future post on that topic.

Improve Learning skills first

My definition of skill is

Skill is the ability to do things using the right tool with right technique and applying tips and tricks in order to effectively utilize the tool.

During my experiment, I realized that learning skill should be the one that needs to be improved to learn new skills within 20 hours. Every skill is different in nature and techniques to learn each skill differs significantly. By knowing the common technique to learn skills and specific technique for specific skills, one will be able to achieve this 20-hour target. If you know a lot of learning tools and learning techniques, you can employ the right tool with right technique to become an expert in that particular skill.

Where to find right tools and techniques and tips to improve your skills

One of the prime purposes of this website is to provide you tools and techniques to improve your skills in various aspects of life. By improving your life skills, you become successful in your career and your personal life. In schools and colleges, Most of the skills listed on this website are not taught. Schools and colleges are busy dumping more and more information (knowledge on academic subjects which we seldom use in our lifetime) on our children without enriching skills required to lead a prosperous and fruitful life.

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