Difference between Knowledge and Intelligence


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Difference between Knowledge and Intelligence

Knowledge is all about knowing it, and Intelligence is all about using it.

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Knowledge is all about knowing it, and Intelligence Quote Explanation

There is a big difference between knowledge and intelligence. Our school education system emphasizes on the knowledge but misses the intelligence aspect of the development of the children.

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Knowledge is all about knowing it, and Intelligence is all about using it.

Author: Prabakaran Thirumalai

Difference between Knowledge and Intelligence

Many of us think that knowledge and Intelligence mean the same thing. We use these words interchangeably to describe somebody whom we believe are superior to us.

One of my friends has keen interest to read the newspaper daily and keeps the latest news at his fingertips. He thinks that he is brilliant compared to us. During the discussion, he told me that people who study professional degree such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, etc. are very smart than people who study Arts and Science. Before getting into the topic, I would like to ask your opinion,

Do you agree with my friend that people who are academically qualified are intelligent than the rest?

During the beginning of my career, I was working in telecommunication domain. I used to download a lot of PDF documents related to telecommunication subject to my hard disk. Those days, I thought that someday I would need those documents to learn about the telecommunication topics. I accumulated more than 4 GB of PDF documents. But in reality, I would have referred one or two PDFs from the whole 4 GB till now.

From my experience, I understood that information acquired about any subject makes you only knowledgeable but not intelligent. The knowledge we acquire is somewhat similar to downloading 4GB of data from the internet and keeping it idle without using it. It is Intelligence which puts that knowledge to use in professional and personal life.

Below knowledge and intelligence quotation summarizes how intelligence is higher order compared to knowledge.

Knowledge is having the right answer but intelligence is asking the right question - Anonymous

Knowledge is about knowing the problem and its solution, but intelligence is about solving the problem without knowing the answer. Intelligence is all about how we assimilate, organize, analyze, comprehend our knowledge and use it to solve problems and arrive at decisions.


The basic skill of knowledge is memorizing, but the basic skill for intelligence is critical thinking and creative thinking combined with experience. One should spend more time thinking about the subject than reading about the subject to become intelligent. Our School education system focus only on reading skills and recalling skills which make our students knowledgeable but fails to make them brilliant.

Find more information on Wisdom and Knowledge and Intelligence by watching the video below.

Knowledge and beliefs are information whereas Intelligence is a process/capacity to use information to solve problems. Intelligence is the ability to handle and solve unpredictable circumstances in career and life. One of the common conceptions of intelligence is that Intelligence is analytical capability. Apart from analytical intelligence, Social and emotional intelligence are equally important to succeed in career and life. Read more at philosophynow.org

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