Creation is not a moment of inspiration but

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Creation Quote on lifetime of endurance

Creation is not a moment of inspiration but a lifetime of endurance

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Creation is not a moment of Inspiration Quote Meaning

All innovations are not done by people who are not intelligent. Eureka moments appear for the intellects and not to the novice.

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Creation is not a moment of inspiration but a lifetime of endurance

Author: Kevin Ashton

Quotation Reference:

Source: Book: How to fly a horse


In the recent times, there has been a hyper growth in the number of startups. Innovations have been the buzz word! Being a keen follower of the startup forum discussions, I noticed a recommendation for the book titled ‘How to fly the horse.’ I was intrigued by the title and the topic that was discussed rightly fit my interest on ‘creative thinking.’

In this blog, I would like to discuss some of the insights that I gained from the book. The general perception of innovations is that it is one big giant leap where the idea strikes at a magical moment!

This belief grew strongly because of Mozart’s letter in which he describes his creative process in 1815 in a letter to Germany’s General Music Journal: The letter says that his symphonies came as whole creations from somewhere into this mind. All he did was to write it down what comes to his mind.

Mozart’s biographer proved that the letter was fake after many years after of publication. According to Ashton, this fake letter has created the myth that creativity is more like magic and inborn talent than work.

Ashton being an inventor who led pioneering work on RFID networks at MIT. In his book How to Fly a Horse, he shatters this “creativity myth.” He published the real Mozart’s letter in which he outlines his failures and issues faced during music composition.
He explains what creative process is really like. It takes a whole lot of effort and unwavering persistence, a series of small steps, and a litany of mistakes and failures. Read more at

New Innovation

Be it creating an amazing new product, painting a master piece or curing a deadly disease, all of it happen in small steps. Innovation requires not just creativity; it involves both creative and critical thinking. Through creative thinking, we generate many ideas/solutions. The trick here is not to allow your value judgement during your creative thinking. This will limit your possible ideas, and finally, you may end up with only one solution to the problem. After you come up with at least handful of solutions, then employ the critical thinking ability in choosing the most appropriate solution, evaluating the problems with the solution and refining the solutions.

Innovation is not just creativity

Creative thinking without using critical thinking to generate a brilliant solution can prove to be catastrophic. Franz Reichelt, a parachutist, leaped to his death from the Eiffel Tower. He not only ignored the flaws in the design pointed out by others but also ignored his test results. He used dummies to test his parachute, but they crashed. He jumped off a haystack at 20 feet and broke his leg. He stuck to his first solution without evaluating the failures and jumped to his death.

yahoo.comReichelt had mixed success after sending dummies wearing the parachute suit off 50ft-tall five story buildings – and blamed the lack of height for the failure.

He had spent a year persuading Paris police chief Louis Lepine to allow him to use the Eiffel Tower to test his canopy made of silk supported by rods and rubber.


Innovation does not happen overnight! Great creators evaluate a solution, takes a step back upon finding a problem, solve it and repeat the process. Creation is taking steps and not making leaps by breaking out of the established thinking patterns.

Let me cite a metaphor that I found in the book which summarizes creation well:
“Creating is the result of thinking like walking. Left foot problem, right foot solution. Repeat until you arrive.”

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