How to Stop Procrastinating in 22 hours

How to Stop Procrastinating in 22 hours
 |   Prabakaran Thirumalai
Did you land in this article, How to Stop Procrastinating in 22 hours just to procrastinate your other tasks. My sincere advice to you would be to go back and do your work first if you are busy and do not have 2 minutes time now. Decide whether you want to postpone reading how to stop procrastinating article now, or you want to continue to procrastinate the task you delayed before coming to this study. If you are confused with the above statement, go here to find out whether you are a procrastinator Hurrah…You did not just fix your Symptom. Go ahead.

How to Stop Procrastinating habit

If you did not procrastinate reading this article now, you just escaped from fixing the symptom of your procrastination behavior. Procrastination is not just a behavior; it is a slow poison and psychological disease. There are different procrastinating types of people and level of disease is different in different people. Our procrastinating habit slowly sucks away the minerals in our blood responsible for activeness and makes us lazy and unproductive. It just sucks away the joy, cheer, happiness, fulfillment in our life and puts us in the average quadrant in all dimensions of life.

Are we the cause of our procrastination

Main reason for our procrastination habit is our parents. When we were kids, we learn this procrastination habit from our parents. They did not punish for not doing things but rather punish if we do it wrong. If they could have the right attitude towards doing things wrong and failing in it, it would have resulted in aggressive behavior in us. How on earth, they could think that we are going to succeed in everything we do. After all, they should know that we have the same genes. Note: Click here to know the other reasons why we procrastinate

Stop Procrastinating once for all

Now that you have decided to come this long in this article, I think that you want to stop procrastinating once for all and lead a productive and prosperous life.

Why Should you listen to me

Move on with your life and enroll in procrastination coaching program or hire a life coach, if you want to hear the lesson from only proven and successful coach. I am neither an expert nor a coach to help you stop Procrastination. I am the normal person, who used to be influenced by my procrastinating habit until I read Paulo Coelho‘s Veronica Decides to Die. It is the story about a prostitute, who has everything in life but decides to kill herself. She escaped, and the journey after that transforms her to live a new eternal life with full of fun, joy and abundance. Even today, I procrastinate on my tasks. But, not because of my procrastinating habit. I use it as a tool to overcome tasks which do not add any value to me.

How to use Procrastination To Your Advantage Procrastinate on low-value tasks from Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog. Getting something else done which is useful when you procrastinate a task. Use your procrastination time to prepare for something big to achieve. Spend you time to read and relax instead of wasting energy in useless ways. read more at

Learn from my Wisdom

I decided to come up with a strategy to overcome my procrastination behavior to transform myself to be healthy. The number one tool, I found to deal procrastination is our subconscious mind. So, I made a conscious effort towards programming my unconscious mind. How to program the subconscious mind?… By habituating actions. I did this by routinely following no matter what happened. I did not want to try many things and fail. So, I decided to pick only one thing at a time and work on it to overcome just it. So I picked up yoga and practiced it for 21 days. Now, it is really difficult for me to procrastinate doing yoga in the morning.

What I have done for you

Being procrastinators, we will be lost in the internet searching for how to stop procrastinating. Overwhelmed with the information available on the internet and conflicting views by many people confuse us more. Many of us stop at this level itself… and move on to something else. I have collected all the materials and have practiced the techniques outlined here to overcome my procrastination to become proactive. I have designed a generic strategy so that all types of procrastinators can benefit by using the best method based on their procrastination type. I have organized the techniques, tips I found during my exploration of this topic. This is available for you and by spending less than an hour on this website, you will be able to know all about procrastination and what it takes to become a diligent person.

Strategy to overcome procrastination

1.Follow this article and understand everything about procrastination. It will take a maximum of 30 minutes even if you procrastinate few times. 2. First, Classify your tasks and figure out whether the guilt feeling you have on procrastination is valid by using FOLLOW technique. Start here to read Simple Technique to Overcome Procrastination 3.Read this article to identify What type of procrastinator you are 4.Pick the most relevant Technique based on your type to stop procrastinating. 5.Practice it for 21 hours ( 1 hour every day for 21 days or half an hour for 41 days). After practice, You will reach practitioner level in overcoming procrastination. 6.From practitioner level, You can become an expert by trying out other procrastination techniques and tips. Further Reading: Start here: Follow - A Simple Technique to find out your level of procrastination
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