What you do, speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say Meaning


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Hard Work Quotation

What you do, speaks so loudly that. I cannot hear what you say.

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What you do speaks so loudly Quote Meaning

You might see many people in your work environment where they talk and lot and do a lot less. These people piggyback managers by praising them for getting promotion rather than doing the assigned work. They are not very successful people, and they can only manage to survive in their current role forever. People who do not talk much but do their work promptly, reach higher levels of management as their work speaks for their efforts.

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What you do, speaks so loudly that. I cannot hear what you say.

Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson


Story of farmer and his wife about hard work

A farmer stated to his wife, “you are not hard working and have become very lazy. You do your work very slow and lethargically. You waste a lot of your time.”

The wife became angry by hearing the words of her husband.

She stated to her husband, “You are incorrect. You better stay at the residence tomorrow and do the housework. I’ll visit the field and perform activities you do at the farm tomorrow.

The farmer stated happily, “Very efficiently. I’ll do all the functions at the house.”

The wife stated, “Milk the cow. Feed the goats. Clean the utensils. Look after our hen. Spin the yarn.”

The lady went towards the next field day to start the work. The farmer stayed back at the residence. He took a vessel and went towards the cow to milk it. He attempted to milk the cow and received an excellent kick. He then went towards the goat and got hit his head against the beam. He went to feed the hen. He forgot to spin as well.

The wife returned from the field when it turned evening. She asked her husband how was the day at home. The farmer hung down his head in shame. After that he didn’t find any fault with his wife.

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