To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others Meaning


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Be Happy Quote by Philosopher Albert Camus

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

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To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others Quote Meaning

If we bother too much about what happens to others and whether they are really happy, you forget to work on yourself to improve you and be happy. This happy quote also conveys that if we wait for other’s approval in everything we do, we will not do anything great in our life. Our life is destined to search for someone’s perfectly laid path and just walk on that.

An unhappy person is like a vehicle with no spring, even a small stone on its way can collapse the entire vehicle. But a happy person bends himself back and forth even while climbing the mountain. Be happy and never be too much concerned with other’s approval.

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To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.

Author: Albert Camus

Source: Book: The Fall

Quotation Reference:

Desire is very selfish in nature. It always keeps its happiness as the primary thing. If a man desires a girl, he is not bothered about her feelings, aspirations, etc. These people are not worried about others and how it affects them. They would like to be happy irrespective of whether the other person is happy or not. They are not concerned about others. Few people make others unhappy so that they can be happy.

Do you know that seeking too much approval from others is considered as personality disorder called as the Histrionic personality disorder (HPD)?

People with the dependent personality disorder (DPD) have great difficulty in making simple day to day decisions such as what shirt to wear, etc. without the advice and repeated reassurance from others. They are passive and allow others to take the responsibility for major areas of their lives. Adults with this disorder either depend on spouse or parent to decide their job, friend. Read more at

One should not confuse this happy quote with not showing concern for the well-being of others. The feeling of concern on decision making is what described by this quote from being happy. Before accepting other’s opinion about you, you should first judge whether the person who is giving the opinion is qualified first. If someone has an opinion that you are lazy, but you don’t consider so, then there is no conflict. Many People have negative attitude on others without knowing anything about them.

If your self-esteem is low and when someone adds their opinion on your mind, it starts the demotivating death spiral. Many people in this world judge and give their opinion unfavorably because of their low self-esteem and to satisfy their emotional needs unconsciously. You should be intelligent enough to neglect the opinion of these people to be happy and self-motivated.

We should not allow worry to creep in our thoughts like we do not allow negative thoughts to occupy our mind. If you are unhappy, you see only darkness in the night, when you are happy, you see the stars. The world looks like hell to some people whereas to some people it looks like a good heaven. Some taste their life like a poisonous fruit and some taste it like a sweet honey and be happy. The big difference between them is how much they are concerned about others opinion and thoughts.

Our progress and growth are hindered if we wait for other’s approval on every decision you take. Considering other people’s view is different from waiting for their approval. We should consider other people’s opinion on our day to day tasks but should not be concerned about others opinion while taking the decision. If we do things which everyone around us agree, we would not have the courage to do anything new. We will walk the route laid by our elders and forefathers.

Life is similar to sucking honey from the flowers which are surrounded by thorns. Without sucking the honey, we cannot live but at the same time, if we are not careful while sucking, thorns are going to hurt us. In our life journey, there is no road without thorns like worry. Some roads have potholes and speed breakers. We should cross all that to continue our journey. Otherwise, we are going to be stuck in our life. Be considerate of other’s feeling but make sure that you are not too much concerned about others.

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