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Quotes about happiness

Happiness is a state of activity.

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Happiness is a state of activity Quote Meaning

Aristotle, Greek philosopher defines happiness not as a state of mind, instead he defines it as state of activity. He claims that people achieve happiness by performing activities. People perform good activities in order to become happy. This indirectly tells that men should choose activity which are aligned with virtues and values of the society.

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Happiness is a state of activity.

Author : Aristotle

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Do you know that, why Spaniards were glasses when they eat cherry. They say that it looks bigger and attractive with glasses. If you ask people from Iceland, which is covered mostly with snow about the best country in the world. They would say their country is the best. You will get the same answer if you ask the same question in the hottest place of the world like African countries.

Human beings are not created to keep their heads down and keep their mouth shut. They are created to enjoy and share happiness with others. Whenever you approach somebody for something, make sure that you greet them with a warm smile. Smile is contagious it will spread very quickly and come back to you again.

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