Courage Quotes about fear on father of courage and mother


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Courage Quotes about Fear

Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.

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Explanation of quote about fear and courage:

The fearful thoughts about the consequences should not stop anyone from doing the necessary action. Whatever happens, accept it as it is and march forward towards your goals.

Lets say your house is put on fire by somebody. Do you think crying and weeping about it is going to help your family inside the house. You should be courage enough to save your family first and try to put the fire off. A courageous person knows very well that he may die when he gets into the building which is put on fire to rescue his family. He fears that he might burn himself at first, but still he goes to rescue his family because of his love.

After rescuing his family, if you try to put of the fire by entering into the house. This wouldn’t be called as courage but brave or foolish as you know that you are getting out of your safety zone for something which you can build again in your life. Courage knows for what you are taking the risk and its importance in your life. If you do a task without thinking about the consequences then you are brave not courageous.

This quotes about fear by Henry Tweedy conveys that, If you are courageous, fear would be your first emotion when you get out of your safety zone. The one who know how to overcome that fear and act without giving importance to its consequences will achieve success in his life.

Fear starts from the feeling of being in comfort zone and safety. If you are courageous, fear will run away. However courageous you are, you will still have fear as you understand clearly what you are going to do and its consequences.

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Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.

Author : Henry H. Tweedy.

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