Do you show Empathy During Natural Calamity

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Attention Quote on Generosity

Attention is the purest and rarest form of generosity.

Many parents earn a lot of money for their family but does not give any attention to their family. What is the point if we cannot enjoy the togetherness when we succeed. A man who succeed should not stand alone. Author Simone Weil.

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There are so many people in the world who talk a lot about helping others but they do give any attention to the people who live with them in the same house. They donate to orphanage but do not take care of their parents. These people donate not because of their empathy but to salvage their sins. These people do not show empathy during natural calamity.

Empathy During Natural Calamity

When our people suffer due to natural disaster, many people help them by giving aid, money, etc. Relief materials have accumulated like a mountain when Catastrophe strikes. Religion, caste, and race were pushed to the back seats and numerous people with different background helped the victims. Muslim people opened their mosque for Hindus for the shelter of Hindu and other religious people. At the same time, Hindu people opened up their temples to provide shelter for other religious people. When violence and revenge were seemed to be ruling the world, it was again proved that humanity is above all these things.

Many People are Spectators

Humanity is lost in the recent past, and people are just spectators when human rights are at stake. They have no empathy for people who suffer during natural disasters. We expect the government to act during disasters, and we would be a silent observer. We do not think that we should join hands together during natural calamities so that the people who suffer, get an immediate remedy.

Enjoy Lavish Life without Empathy

Some people want to enjoy everything in this life. These people spend money like crazy on luxurious things. They would buy dozens of dress and eat at five-star hotels but do not help anyone who is in need. Many school children are asked to collect money for government funds such as flag day or natural calamity fund. When these pleasure seekers, encounter these school children, they do have the heart to spend even one dime of their money towards natural disaster fund. How much money we are spending to enjoy luxury, but we never think of spending even a little for poor and needy.

Difficult to find Genuine NGO’s who offer help

One of the main reason, people are hesitant to give money for relief fund is because that nowadays there are more cheaters in the society than people who work for the genuine cause. It is hard to find Non Government Organization (NGO) who show empathy towards the victim, many are busy making money during natural catastrophe than showing their empathy. Any natural disaster creates impact in the minds of the people only for the first few days. After that media has something other to cover on, and so does our mind. Our sympathy and the effort reduces after few days.

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