Do you feel you are drowning while everyone is breathing


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Sad Depressing Quotes

Depression is like drowning, except you can see everyone around you breathing.

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Sad Depressing Quotes about drowning and breathing Meaning:

When you are in a depression, you think that every bad thing in this world happens only to you whereas all the other people around you are enjoying their life happily. More pain is induced because you are not normal like everyone else than the actual cause of the depression.

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Depression is like drowning, except you can see everyone around you breathing.

Author: Will Rogers

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One of my friends once told me that he is worried about one secret problem he is facing, and he wants to get my suggestion. I initially thought that he is going to ask huge money either for help or as a loan. So I asked him what his problem was, he told that his problem is excessive sweat. He told that he has done all medical treatment, but it is not subsidizing. Recently, the secretion has increased multifold and because of it, he smells horrible. Many of his friends and companions are avoiding him because of this. His wife does not like him anymore and keeps away from him. He felt that he is drowning while everyone is breathing. I told him that this is not a big issue, and treatment can solve it. I told him some stories about people who had similar problems and they eventually got rid of it after some time. I suggested him to take bath twice or thrice a day and use body spray to control the smell. He seemed to be calmed down when he left my house. I was wondering about the stress he is going through for small thing like this. After few days, I heard that he had committed suicide. He gave importance to a small problem in his life, and it has taken away his life itself.

When Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer, he stayed in Mansion so that he can avoid going to his house. He avoided going home because of his wife. She used to tease him about his looks and personality. He always pulls his leg saying that he walks like a coward. She even imitates his walking and insult him. She accused him that his ears are like elephant ears, and his lower lips are hanging like grapes. Whenever she gets angry, she starts abusing him with words by talking about his features. One time she splashed the coffee on him in front of many people. Abraham Lincoln was upset and from that day, he started avoiding going to his house. He felt that he is drowning his self-esteem. His wife spoiled his life by thinking about small things and missed bigger things in life. Later Abraham Lincoln is liked by millions of people in his generation and all generations to follow because of his inner beauty, humbleness, and his intelligence.

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