100+ Feeling Lonely and Feeling Alone Quotes Collection


1. Asked Space but Felt Lonely

All I wanted was space, and now that I’ve it, there’s this part of me that’s achingly lonely

2. Nobody asks If I am fine Status

The worst part about being strong is the fact that nobody asks if you are okay.

3. Season of Loneliness Quote

A season of loneliness and isolation happens when the caterpillar gets its wings. Keep in mind that next time you feel alone.

4. Everyone Feel Alone Quotes

How is it that we’ve more than six billion people in the globe and half of them feel alone?

5. Stars are miles apart

We all are lonely people, like stars which appear so close but millions of miles apart.

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6. Afraid of being Alone Quote

I said ‘I love you’ when what I meant to say was “I’m afraid of being alone.”

7. Living with Busy People is Loneliness

Living in a world that full of busy people is like living in a world ALONE

8. Feeling Lonely Quotes

We’re all just wandering with our fingers crossed, hoping we’ll meet somebody who will make our life a little less lonely.

9. I feel Lonely Quote

I feel lonely even when I am being loved by many people because I am not anybody’s one and only

10. Discover Someone who want to be your future

One day you will discover somebody who does not care about your previous life because they wish to be your future.

Feeling Lonely Quotes

11. Great to Be Alone Status

I had discovered that it was not great to be alone, and so made friends with people around me, but it was only my books which were always my friends, everything else failed.

12. Lonely Feeling Quotes

Lonely isn’t a feeling whenever you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when nobody cares.

13. Feeling lonely Quotes for her

It is only natural to feel lonely after the fun moment’s pass. But as you experience new joys those feelings of sorrow will start to fade.

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14. Keeping Silent About Your Discomfort

Discomfort is whenever you are gradually dying on inside, and you are weak to speak about it, so you maintain silent and endure alone.

15. Lonely Feeling Quote

Feeling lonely is having a heart but unable to find someone to give that.

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16. I feel Alone Quote

I’ve so many different personalities inside me, but I feel alone and lonely.

17. State of Feeling is Loneliness

Loneliness is a state of feeling that may be changed. Many People feel lonely even among the crowd.

18. Most Lonely Feeling Quote

Probably the most lonely place on the earth will be the human heart where love is absent.

19. Feeling Down Quote

Feeling less, being unhappy, and feeling empty are virtual prerequisites for falling and staying desperately in love.

20. Missing You and Feeling Lonely

Before meeting you, I didn’t know what it was like to feel lonely, simply because there should be someone for you to miss.

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21. Feeling Depressed Quote

If you give up on me, I am going to give up on me as well.

22. No one Needs Me Status

I wish to be invisible till somebody needs me.

23. Don’t make me Feel Alone Quote

All relationships have one law. By no means make the one you love feel alone whenever you are there.

24. Hunting for that Special Person

Loneliness is when people come to speak to you, simply because you’re a great individual and a great listener. But whenever you have something on your thoughts that you want to speak, they are not the ones to share your thoughts. So you always hunt for that special person who will hear what you’ve to say.

25. Loneliest Feeling Quote

Being surrounded by everybody will be the loneliest, simply because you will realize you’ve nobody to turn to.

26. Sad to be Happy Alone Status

It is sad to be happy alone even if you have achieved something great.

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27. Feeling Lonely because you don’t know yourself

Individuals who worry becoming alone are individuals who’re afraid to appear in front of the mirror. The monster you see reflecting back at you is your personal image. Living in denial causes loneliness. You’ll have lots of business when the sun shines, but when darkness fills, and also you need to be with yourself - you’ll be afraid. Discover how you can face the truth. Discover how you can accept the consequences of one’s actions. Creating peace inside will be the only method to set your spirit totally free.

28. Deal with your Feelings

Being alone together with your feelings will be the worst simply because you’ve nowhere to run. They are right here, dancing inside your thoughts and all you can do is deal with it.

29. Frequently Feeling Alone Quote

When you frequently feel alone, ignored, consider this: closing the door and locking yourself in will not alter something.

30. Feeling Alone Quotes

It is much better to live alone than being with somebody who tends to make you feel alone.

31. Afraid of losing me

I want someone to be afraid of losing me. No one has and no one ever will.

32. Walking together and coming back alone

Walking alone isn’t difficult. When we walked a mile with somebody and then coming back alone is the most difficult.

33. Best Antidepressant for Lonely People

A smile will be the very best antidepressant which reassures individuals that they’re not alone.

34. Feeling Lonely Quotes With Someone

You can be with somebody and feel lonely.

Feeling Alone Quotes

35. Being in Love Makes You Lonely

If being in love only made people much more lonely, why would everybody want it so desperately?

36. Feeling Lonely Quotes for Her

Whenever you feel alone just look at the spaces between your fingers and keep in mind, that’s where mine fit perfectly.

37. Chronic Feeling of Loneliness Quote

The consequences of seeking popularity are only the chronic feeling of loneliness.

38. You are not Missed by Banks

In you believe no one cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of vehicle payments.

39. Important Life Moments and Being Alone

In our most important life moments, we’re usually alone.

40. I wish to be Alone Quote

Sometimes I feel like I just wish to be alone. But what I want, is somebody just to hold me and say that everything would be fine.

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41. Worst Lonely Place is head

When you are in distress, the worst lonely place you can be is your head.

42. Meaning of Life Status for Whatsapp

Only people who know the meaning of life, will discover how unlonely being alone will be.

43. Terrible Feeling of not belonging

Not belonging is a terrible feeling. It feels awkward, and it hurts, as though had been wearing somebody else’s shoes.

44. Feeling of Being Undesirable Quote

Loneliness and the feeling of becoming undesirable will be the most terrible poverty.

45. Feeling Alone Quotes for Him

Whenever you feel like you’re fighting alone in life, that’s the time you should be fighting the hardest.

46. Worse Feeling Alone Quote

To make someone feel that they have no importance in life, some people get along with others; This is far worse than feeling alone and miserable.

47. Being Alone Without Feeling Lonely Quote

I’m trying to be alone without feeling lonely.

48. Single and Feeling Lonely Quote

A broken relationship would make you feel much more lonely than whenever you were single

49. Great Feeling of Loneliness Quote

Loneliness is a great Feeling when we create it. However, it will be the Worst Feeling when others gift it.

50. Feeling Lonely and Getting Undeserved

Do not let feeling lonely push you into the arms of someone who will make your life miserable.

51. Feeling Alone with Someone Quote

I believe a fantastic interpretation of love is: feeling alone with somebody else.

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52. Feeling Isolated and Terrified

You may find issues in your life that make you feel alone, but absolutely nothing tends to make you feel isolated and terrified than your personal voice inside your head.

53. Comfortable Being Lonely Status

My greatest worry is the fact that I may become comfortable with the idea of being lonely for the rest of my life.

54. Missing Someone To share Feelings

You miss somebody when something happens, great or bad, and the only individual you wish to say will be the one individual who isn’t there.

55. No one Cares You

I stopped talking about how I felt, simply because I know nobody cared anyway.

56. Everyone Wants to Leave me

I don’t know whats wrong with me, everyone wants to leave me alone

57. Lonely Without Smile

I should have imagined how ugly life could be without you, how painful without your love and how lonely without your smiles.

58. Feeling That nobody cares

There’s absolutely nothing worse than the feeling that nobody cares whether we exist or not.

59. Feeling Alone Quotes

Jealousy is no greater than feeling alone against smiling enemies.

60. Loner Tried and Failed in Relationship Quote

When you meet a loner, regardless of whatever they tell for their loneliness including that they love to be in solitude, they are not true. They had probably attempted to mingle with people before and miserably failed because people continue to disappoint them.

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61. People always leave

I was usually holding onto people, and they were always leaving.

62. Don’t decide when you feel lonely

By no means make a decision when you are feeling lonely. Desperate actions lead to regret.

63. I Feel Invisible Quote

It could be easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored.

64. Crying Out of Loneliness Quote

She was like an angel floating above the surface of the earth. People thought she would be laughing with delight because she could fly, but she is crying out of loneliness.

65. Dreadful time for Lonely People

The night may be a dreadful time for lonely people once their loneliness has started.

66. Depressed and Hurt Status

When you are depressed, you believe you are the only one to taste this kind of hurt.

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67. Watching romantic movie

The worst moment is watching a romantic movie and getting pissed off about your non-existent love life.

68. Feeling Not Alone Anymore Quote

That feeling is inexplicable during the lonely hours of one’s life, suddenly someone make you feel delighted, and later you understand that you’re not alone anymore.

69. Feeling Alone During Journey

Everybody has situations or occasions in life when they feel alone on their journey.

70. Teddy is my friend Quote

Teddy do not hug back, but most of the times they’re all you have got.

71. Leaving Me Alone Quote

Thank you for leaving me alone when I required you to be my side. I understand now that I can do a lot more without you.

72. Do not Feel Alone Quote

Do not feel alone, because there’s always someone out there who loves you greater than you can imagine.

73. Being Hungry when Everyone feasts

What does it feel like to become lonely? It feels like being hungry when everybody around you is having a feast.

74. Feeling Down Quote

I am falling apart right in front of your eyes, but you do not even see me.

75. Feeling So Lonely and Depressed Quote

I’m feeling so lonely and depressed that I am not able to explain my feelings.

76. I am lone Wolf Quote

I’m absolutely nothing, but a lone wolf misunderstood and labelled to become harmful.

77. Sad and Alone Quote

I’m terribly sad because I find myself alone in this world. Everybody has abandoned me, and I’m alone. I’ve no one to speak as well, to confide in and share my issues with. I’ve no one to cheer me up when I’m down, no one to love or love me back. I’ve no one; I’m alone in this world.

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78. Feeling sad and Lonely In Relationship

Whenever you are feeling sad and lonely simply because you’re single, keep in mind that you will find lots of people stuck in bad relationships who want to be in your shoes.

79. No one minds me

They do not mind me even when I am right here; I do not believe they’ll do when I am gone.

80. Do not Feel Lonely Quote

Do not feel lonely; the whole universe is inside you

81. Depressing Feeling When there is no one

I do not require anybody else, that is an excellent feeling to have. However, it can also be a depressing one.

82. Feeling Guilty And Alienated

Introverts feel the need to clarify, apologise, or feel guilty since they feel alienated not just from society but themselves.

83. You do not love me

The truth is, you do not love me, you do not miss me, you do not care simply because if you did, I wouldn’t be this lonely even though we’re together.

84. Feeling of Unwanted Quote

The greatest illness these days isn’t leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of becoming undesirable.

85. Ceiling is Best Friend

During nights, your ceiling is your very best buddy.

86. Sad and Feel Empty

That feeling when you are not sad but you just feel really empty

87. I am alone suffering

I am sorry to say it. However, it was difficult for me to accept that life continue as usual but I am suffering.

88. People who make you feel alone

I used to believe that the worst thing in life was to finish up alone. It is not. The most dangerous thing in life would be to finish up with individuals who make you feel alone

Feel Lonely Quote

89. Feeling Alone in Relationship

Becoming alone is scary, but not as scary as feeling alone in a relationship

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90. Living Alone With Busy People

We are living in this world alone as everyone living with us in this world is busy with themselves.

91. I feel alone Quotes

I closed my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone.

92. What is Worse

I do not know what is worse: to not know what you’re and be happy, or to become what you wanted to be, and feel alone

93. Feeling Lonely and Missing Somebody Quote

You will find people around the world who’re just like you. They’re lonely. They’re missing somebody. They’re in love with somebody they most likely shouldn’t be in love with. They’ve secrets you wouldn’t think. Don’t think you are alone. Everybody is feeling alone.

94. I feel most alone quote

The worst moments are when my whole family members are within the same room, and I feel the most alone.

95. Loving Alone is Prison

Life’s a prison when you are in love alone.

96. More I am Feeling Alone Quote

The more I swear I’m happy to someone, the more I am feeling alone.

97. Everyone moves On

She could not realize she was lonely until she discovered that people would go away after their need is met.

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98. Intimate Conversation with Someone

What happiness to sit in intimate conversation with someone having like thoughts, warmed by a discussion on your close to heart topic, but such a person is difficult to discover, and instead you sit there doing your very best to fit in with whatever the other is saying, feeling deeply alone.

99. No one want me in this world

Out of 7 billion people, not a single soul fought hard enough to be with me.

100. I feel Alone Quotes

I may be with thousand individuals around, but without you, I’d feel alone.

101. No Inspiration when Alone

When you feel alone, you find no inspiration because your mind shrinks when it hears only the echoes of your own thoughts.

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