How to tackle Unavoidable and Inevitable Change

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Bromley Oxman Change Quote on Inevitable and Unavoidable

Change is inevitable. The great question of our time is whether the change will be by consent or coercion.

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Change is inevitable Quote Meaning

Change always happens irrespective of whether you want it or not. The only thing which is important is that whether it is because of our actions or someone else is purposely inducing it. Read more on how to tackle inevitable and unavoidable change in your life.

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Change is inevitable. The great question of our time is whether the change will be by consent or coercion.

Author: Bromley Oxman

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Unavoidable and Inevitable Change

There are certain unavoidable and inevitable circumstances in everybody’s life. Some anticipate these and take precautionary actions; some face them unexpectedly. Most of us have not thought about how to face and how to cope with situations which are inevitable and cannot be avoided.

It is true that man has to be optimistic. He need not go on expecting misfortunes and get disappointed. But would it not be an illusory thought to believe that everything in life will be smooth, with no change or breakdown of any sort? It is only in the fantasy world that such perfect conditions can exist.

When we are young and physically strong with a strong sense of confidence, we often build castles in the air, witnesses dreams of perfection. But with waves of failure, resistance from others, a sense of inadequacy and helplessness shake us off. When these problems strike us, we can neither think, nor consult others and seek relief from them. Therefore, the mind needs proper preparation to face what is inevitable.

Thunderclouds may suddenly gather in the sky and in a few minutes there may be a heavy downpour of rain. Can we stop the raining? To prevent us from getting drenched, we should have a proper roof over our head or hold an umbrella while going out. While walking in the woods, we cannot entirely clear the path of pebbles and thorns; therefore, we have to wear shoes otherwise our soles get hurt. We may dislike the difficulties of life, failures and setbacks, misfortunes and breakdowns, but we cannot prevent them. We need to be properly trained to handle them. We have to go to the root of the problem. Above all we have to understand the principles and laws of life to gain control over our minds and face challenges boldly, with courage.
Those who want to keep their mind calm should carefully keep off unnecessary problems. The following words of Gautama Buddha about facing problems that are unavoidable and inevitable. His thoughts bring you strength to your mind to face what is inevitable and avoidable.

  1. Old age is inevitable. It cannot be prevented and cannot be avoided.
  2. There are also occasions when we fall ill. However we try to avoid it, complete prevention is impossible.
  3. All that we like is bound to change, become distorted and disappear. We cannot escape.
  4. My thoughts and feelings shape my life. Whether it is good or evil, I have to reap the fruit of my actions.

When we think of the helplessness that may be caused by illness and disease, we lose the pride about our health, or our pride will decrease at least to some extent. When we contemplate death, out pride or attachment to life vanishes or at least gets reduced.
When we think of the change, loss of things, loss of dear ones to us, we shed our greed. When I realize that I am responsible for my present condition, and I am the creator of my destiny, the tendency to think and do evil is curbed.

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