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Why we outsource our life to others

I have two wonderful kids under the age of 10. The most amazing thing about my kids is that they both have the same answer when they get into some trouble. ITS NOT MY FAULT, DADDY. With two kids at home, things go wrong very often. They fight for toys, to watch their favorite TV channel,

How Conformity forms our beliefs

Every one of us think we are individuals with our own independent thought process. But over the years as we internalize the unsaid rules, we tend to become anxious and insecure. This tends to make us more conservative preferring to fit into the group and aligning with the unsaid rules that we have learnt. We become

Elephant and Tiny Rope Story about belief

Elephant Rope Story about belief : Once a man went to circus and he was passing the elephants, he abruptly stopped, confused by the truth that these large creatures have been getting held by only a tiny rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was apparent that the elephants could, at anytime

Meaning of life - Are you egg or carrot or coffee bean

The whole world is searching for the meaning of life. Few say that they have found it and few started preaching how to lead your life. I recently picked up the book, ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl upon a friend’s recommendation. I finished the book earlier today. It is a short book but definitely

Pursuit of Happiness - Train Your mind to be happy in life

When I walk around the city, there have been times when I was handed over a pamphlet on a ‘happiness’ course conducted by spiritual gurus. Also, there have been numerous studies on the science of happiness. The society has become obsessed about happiness. We conceive in our mind a checklist against which, we measure how happy

What my school missed out teaching me!

As I see the middle age looming over me, I began to wonder what my school missed out on teaching me! Some of the common perceptions about life and career that we derive during our formative years are: A good score card from a good university ensures securing a job that I desire? Playing on the

Do with your Friends - Procrastination Tip

Do with your friend - One tip to overcome procrastination is to ask your friend to accompany you in your tasks if possible. This tip may not be applicable for all tasks you procrastinate but it might be applicable for personal tasks. Read full article, if you are interested to know all the techniques to stop

Incredibly Easy to Start - Procrastination Tip

Most of us, when we decide to change something in our day to day life, we undertake actions for massive changes in our life. For example, setting a target to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 weeks. We want to earn more, do more, and be more … right now. This it the reason why

Simple FOLLOW Technique to Overcome Your Worst Procrastinates

What is the most effective use of your time? Is it forwarding on jokes, calling your old friends who are out of touch for many years, showing to everybody that you are cool by posting in social media, sitting in meetings and chatting… Are you choosing your tasks based on importance and urgency or based on

Procrastination | Overcome | Techniques

Procrastination Meaning Procrastination means postponing your tasks to tomorrow which should have been done today.Most of the time, tasks which are postponed to tomorrow are never done. In order to overcome it, one should become proactive and diligent, which is the opposite of procrastination. Watch this song and find out does this sound familiar to you Success requires

What type of procrastinator are you

What type of procrastinator are you? Below infographics classifies your procrastination types based on your procrastinating behavior. Along with the types, it also list down all the brain tools available to overcome procrastination. Feel free to reuse the below infographics, give us credit by referring to or this webpage URL. Image URL: Knowing your type

Are You Procrastinating

Are you procrastinating now? If your only important work now is to learn meaning of procrastination, please go ahead and spend 5 minutes to find out whether you are procrastinator. This test consists of 10 multiple choice questions on your attitude towards your tasks. [WpProQuiz 2] You score represents your productivity percentage ( opposite of Procrastination ) among

What is the Opposite of Procrastination

When I searched in internet to find out the meaning of procrastination, I was not able to find opposite of procrastination. So I thought i would write this post to put forward my views. What is the Opposite of Procrastination Is it Concrastination Concrastinator is defined by as people who tend to complete their tasks as

How to Stop Procrastinating in 22 hours

Did you land in this article, How to Stop Procrastinating in 22 hours just to procrastinate your other tasks. My sincere advice to you would be to go back and do your tasks first if you are busy and do not have 2 minutes time now. Decide whether you want to postpone reading how to stop procrastinating article now or you

How to avoid Procrastination Techniques and Tips

How to avoid Procrastination Find the top 7 ways to avoid Procrastination. If your interest is to find out the techniques available to avoid Procrastination, then please go ahead with this article. But, if your intentions are to really overcome Procrastination, then wait for our next post which will guide you through the process in order to

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