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Busy Quotes about Priorities

Nobody is too busy in this world Quote Meaning: Though everyone in this world is busy doing something all the time. They are very particular about how they want to spend their time. As time is precious and lost time cannot be recovered. This makes

Priority Quote on Work

Best Priority Quotes

Action Expresses Priority Status Meaning: Often you find the disparity in what people say and what they do. People try to hide their true intentions by saying something positive about it. If you want to find out someone’s priority in their life, you should observe

Priority Quotes on Convenience

Family time is not a matter of convenience Quote Explanation: For many people in this generation who are running behind money, family time is given less priority than professional time. When they regret it later in their life, it cannot be reversed back. This family

Get Your Priorities Quotes

Short Priority Status for Whatsapp

Good things happen when you get your priorities straight quote meaning: The first step in transforming anyone’s life is to set their priorities right by identifying and classifying their daily tasks. Make a note of all events that happened in your life. When you do this

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  1. A study says that spending time at office and neglecting kids during their early age is one of the biggest regret parents have. During the survey, two thirds of the parents admit that if they could get that time again, they would spend more time with their children.

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