Silence is Strength Quote

Silence is a source of great strength Quote Meaning Many people think in order to show your strength you have to increase your pitch of your voice. But in reality, people who are silent are real stronger than people who actually shout. The mind of

Cruelest Lies Quote

Famous Silence Quotes

The Cruelest lies are often told Quote Meaning The biggest lies are actually not told to others for them to believe what we say. It is often said to ourselves knowing that it is a lie like procrastination. Main Topic: Truth Quotes Related Topics: Lies,

Improves Upon Silence Quote

Short Silence Status for Whatsapp

Speak only when it better than your silence Quote Meaning: Don’t speak something just for the sake of speaking. Speak about things which make sense to the audience on the topic under discussion. Don’t blabber just to get attention in the crowd. You may succeed in the

Commanding Expression Quote

Well timed silence is the most commanding expression Quote Meaning Communication Quote by Mark Helprin. The most commanding expression does not come with greater pitch of the voice, it often comes from the well timed silence. Main Topic : Communication Quote Related Topics : Silence, Command,

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