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5 Easy Ways to teach kids responsibility | 3 Mins Read

How much time as parents did we dedicate to teach kids responsibility? Before thinking about the time we spend to make them responsible, we have to retrospect ourselves first to see if we are responsible for our actions. We as parents are not much different

Refusal of Praise Quote

Famous Praise Quotes

A refusal of praise is a desire to be praised twice Quote Meaning Refusal of Praise leads to the proactive elimination of unnecessary worries from your life. Some people refuse to be praised just for the namesake. But their actual intention is to get praised

Welsh Proverb Wise Quotes

Praise the wise man behind his back Quote Meaning Men does not want to hear the praise directly from a person. Instead they are happy to hear it from a third party. Whereas, women want to hear it directly from the person even if it

Complain or Praise Quote

Complain and remain Quote Meaning Main Topic: Inspirational, Wisdom Quotes Related Topics: Complain, Praise Complain and remain. Praise and be raised Author: Joyce Meyer Quotation Reference :

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