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Character is not ready made Quote

Best Character Quotes

Character is not ready-made but is created bit by bit and day by day Quote Meaning: Personality is not inbuilt in a person. Every day it gets accumulated based on our life experience. The environment we live in decides the personality traits when we grow

Monkey in Silk Proverb

Famous Character Quotes

A monkey in silk is a monkey no less Quote Meaning: The basic character of a person cannot be hidden by the external appearances he puts on Main Topic: Character Quotes Key Terms: Monkey, MonkeyA monkey in silk is a monkey no lessAuthor: English Proverb

Dr. Ambedkar Character and Education Quote

The character is more important than education Quote Meaning Education is important in life, but your personality and character are much more important than education. If you are educated and your character is still bad, education is no good to you. The personality development should

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