Evil Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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To succeed in our life, we must be abilities such as attention, fast response time, quick decisions and productive all long. When someone does not have a quality sleep, it is impossible to perform the above

Do you have a low self-esteem?

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One of the important factor in determining the success of a person is motivation. Motivation levels of individuals vary based on the self-esteem. Many scientific experiments have proved that low self-esteem leads to failure. Let’s

Do you believe Six hours of sleep sufficient for you?

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Many people think that six hours of sleep is sufficient for them to function effectively during the day. Some people think that it is enough for them every day, and few think that they will

5 Easy Ways to teach kids responsibility | 3 Mins Read

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How much time as parents did we dedicate to teach kids responsibility? Before thinking about the time we spend to make them responsible, we have to retrospect ourselves first to see if we are responsible

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