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Love reduces humanity Act of Kindness Real Story

Bus stand in tuticorin school drop shop in bus stand throw to crow everyday hundreds of crow come and feed there. one day god came and took all the food. he started throwing stones to move the dog away. When Love starts with one, humanity

Fish Rots Head Down Proverb

A fish always rots from the head down Quote Meaning: Failure of the leaders at the top leads to downfall of the entire organization Main Topic: Management Quotes Key Terms: AlwaysA fish always rots from the head downAuthor: English Proverb

How to manage your impression effectively

Every person has backstage and frontstage. Backstage is what you are, and Frontstage is how you want to present yourself in front of others. The way in which you present yourself and maintain your impression is termed as managing your impression. Irrespective of their personality

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