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The things that we love tell us What we are Quote Meaning: A man who takes pleasure in doing works of virtue is good and the one who indulges in bad things are evil. Based on the things people love to do, their character can

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We were Together I forget the rest Quote Meaning When you are with someone whom you like the most, you often don’t notice how the time flies. When you are with people whom you don’t like, each second looks like hours. Walt Whitman says that

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Jealousy, that dragon which slays love Quote Meaning Often we hear from people that jealousy and possessiveness are good in love. But they are unaware that these two things are the major causes of` breakage of love. When you are jealous of someone, you are

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Love quotes about Jealousy and Respect Meaning: If your relationship is intimate, jealousy has no role to play in a relationship. Author Ivan Alekseyevich says that, If doubts creep in; the relationship lacks respect for the person you love. Fear of relationship failure is the

Feeling Unloved Quote by Princess Diana

Biggest Disease this day Quote Meaning: Many people think that the biggest disease in this world are chronic and creates body pain. But in reality, people who are lonely and unloved are the ones who suffer the biggest disease. The only cure for this mental

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Blind Jealousy Quote Meaning: Jealousy can arise for two reasons, insecurity and disloyalty. When jealousy arises because of insecure feelings, it is blind. It blocks our mind from seeing about past events where love, care, protection, and support was offered. Main Topic: Jealousy Quotes Related

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A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it Quote Meaning: Many of us believe that one of the major factor in determining our happiness is whether we feel loved and cared by others. The first need when we were

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