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Soft heart and Courage Quote by Katherine Henson

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is not weakness Quote Meaning Many people think that people who are still soft-hearted in this era are weak and cowards. They do not participate in any issues and stay away from them but at the same

George Arnold Charity Quote on Dead

Short Gratitude Quotes

The living need charity more than the dead Quote Meaning In many culture and customs, charity is done for dead people to get good deeds. Dead people also includes all non-living things in this world such as temple, religion, caste, etc. However, we forget that

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  1. It may be easy for us to quickly forget about atrocities that are happening around the world, and move along in our lives like these things don’t affect us. Do we so easily dismiss these things because we feel like there is nothing we can do to make a difference?

  2. Few ideas to show gratitude:
    -Send handwritten letter to congratulate someone who has achieved a goal or overcome an obstacle.
    -Take your shirts that no more fit you and give it to poor people. Their happy faces with appreciation will strengthen your gratitude.
    - Send handwritten ‘thank you’ letter to someone who made your day awesome.

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