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Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions Quote Meaning We all have both positive feelings and negative feelings based on everyday life experiences. People who repeat and overdo some activities are trying to renew their positive emotions. The one who tries to build upon

React Emotionally Quote

How you react emotionally is a choice quote Explanation: It may seem pretty tough in the beginning to control your emotions. But with enough practice, it is possible. Once we are able to control our emotions, then we can make the choice on how we

Music Quotes about Emotion

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Music is a language which speaks in emotions Quote Meaning When you listen to music, it changes your mood and calms you down. Music speaks directly to your soul as it understands your deep emotions. It can soften the bad emotions and Kindle positive thoughts.

Control Emotions Quote

When we direct our thoughts properly we can control our emotions Quote Meaning All experiences human encounters throughout his life is stored in their memory. When events and facts are stored in the memory, associated emotions also gets stored in the memory. These emotions also

Disease of Soul Proverb

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Diseases of the soul are more dangerous than those of the body Quote Meaning: Mental and emotional pain is more severe than physical pain. It has the potential to drive people insane and do things which they never normally do. Main Topic: Emotional Quotes Key

Emotions Flow From Strength To Weak Quote

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Mirror neurons are leadership tools Emotions flow with special strength from Quote Meaning: One of the greatest discovery in neuroscience is the discovery of mirror neurons in brain. When we unconsciously or consciously detect somebody’s emotions, our mirror neurons replay those emotions inside our brain. These mirror neurons play a key

Emotion Forming Decision Quote

Best Emotional Quotes

Let emotion inform but not form your decision Quote Meaning: While taking decision, consider what your emotions say but do not let your decision be completely based on the emotions you feel. We should not get carried away by emotions, instead use our intelligence for

Words Describe Emotions Quote

Words are impotent to describe certain emotions Quote Meaning There is always a difference between how one feels an emotion and how he expresses that emotion. Often the words found is dictionary is not enough to express the spectrum of emotions we feel. For example,

Exposing Too Much Emotions Quote

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If you expose too much of this emotions soon people will use this as weakness Quote Meaning: All the techniques used by people to exploit others involves one or the other emotions. The common emotion used to exploit is guilt. When the request is turned

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