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Purpose of our life is to be happy Quote Meaning The sole purpose of life should be to be happy. But many lose their focus and travel towards something else. But many don’t understand that with wealth comes more worries and drive faster towards that

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Take risks Quote Meaning Taking risks is always rewarding, irrespective of whether we lose of win. If you happen to lose you will become wise. If you win, you will be happy. Main Topic: Wise Quotes Related Topics: Wisdom, Risk, Happy, Lose, Win Take risks:

Happy Quotes about success by Bette Midler

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The worst part of success Quote Meaning When you work all the time and spend no time for your family or friends. After you succeed, there will not be anyone with you to share your happy news and your happiness. Main Topic: Happy Quotes Related

Happy Quote about Enjoying Scenary

What makes you happy - Product or Experience Wise people are extremely mindful of spending cash on physical products. They opt rather invest a lot of their cash on experiences. Actually, a number of the study shows that many people are very happy when purchasing

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