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Silence Breaks Your Heart Quote Explanation: Silence can hurt you more than spiteful words from someone you love. When you get silence as the response while asking sorry or forgiveness from someone you love, your heart cannot tolerate that. When a person responds with silence,

Wisdom Quotes about Life by Jean de La Bruyère

Life is a tragedy for those who feel Quote Meaning: People who are emotionally weak will have a tough time leading their life. These people are always persuaded by others. But people who reason out very well and use their logical thinking will lead a

Heart Can't Express Quote by Gerard Way

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Tears are words Quote Meaning: We all know that brain express emotions through chemicals which flow inside our brain through nerve cells but hearts having no much mechanism leaves the tears outside through eyes. There are two types of tears; one is used to protect

No one can make you feel inferior Quote

Make You Feel inferior Quote Meaning: Some people have low self-esteem who enjoy passing negative comments and opinion about others to satisfy their ego. Do you think anyone can make you feel inferior without your consent? Outside cannot create Depression and Sadness on yourself. It

Feeling Unloved Quote by Princess Diana

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Biggest Disease this day Quote Meaning: Many people think that the biggest disease in this world are chronic and creates body pain. But in reality, people who are lonely and unloved are the ones who suffer the biggest disease. The only cure for this mental

Feelings Quotes about attitude

Feel your attitude Quote Meaning: Our attitude towards others is reflected in our behaviors more than our words. Our body communicates more than the words. Some may be able to hide their real attitude towards others by using pleasing words, but their body language reveals

Feeling Quote about opinion

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The feeling is often the deeper truth Quote Meaning: Real feelings can be easily differentiated from false acting easily. Feelings are real compared to words expressed after one encounters any feeling. One who has control over his emotion can decide the course of action after

Feeling Quotes on Choice

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Feelings are not a choice Quote Meaning: Feelings mean the way you identify and understand your emotions. If you can identify the emotion, your action or behavior can be your choice. Otherwise, your actions come out from your unconscious mind without your control. It is

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