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Depression Quotes about unforgiven hurt

Best Depression Quotes

Ungrieved and Unforgiven Hurts lead to Depression Quotes Meaning: The simplest cure for depression is the elimination of the biggest cause of depression. If someone does anything bad to you, it is better to forgive them than to forget them to have positive reinforcements in

100+ Feeling Lonely and Feeling Alone Quotes Collection

At some point in your life you would have been feeling lonely or feeling alone even when you are with your family and friends. For some feeling lonely happens after love break up and for some feeling alone happens when they do not find anyone to share their

Feeling Lonely Quotes about loneliness

Short Depression Quotes

Feeling really empty Quote Meaning: Everyone feels little lonely then and there in their life. This is not a serious problem, but depression is feeling of loneliness and finding yourself empty in front of others for many days or months. You start strongly believe that

Depressing Quotes by Kate Bush

Whenever I see the news; it’s always the same depressing things Quote Meaning: Does News reflects whatever happens in the society, or it misguides the society to act in a violent way? One of the leading causes of many mental illnesses is news in the

Everyone is depressed Quote

Famous Depression Quotes

Some are just better at hiding Depressed Quotes Explanation: Everyone in this world has one or the other problem which bogs them down and makes them depressed. Instead of overcoming depression, many choose to handle by hiding it from others. Hiding does not make the

Depression Quotes about Abusive Relationship

Cute Depression Status for Whatsapp

Having depression is being in an abusive relationship Quote Meaning: The worst abusive person is not your parent or spouse, it is the one staring back at you in the mirror. When you are depressed, you show anger towards yourself by labeling yourself with your

Anger Quotes about Depression

Best Depression Quotes

The opposite of anger is depression Quote Meaning: When you are angry with yourself and start feeling alone, you start getting into depression. There is scientific evidence that this behavior is very common in women than in men. The emotional connection between anger and depression

Sad Depressing Quotes

Short Depression Status for Whatsapp

Sad Depressing Quotes about drowning and breathing Meaning: When you are in a depression, you think that every bad thing in this world happens only to you whereas all the other people around you are enjoying their life happily. More pain is induced because you

Depressed Quotes on Love

Depression is when you have lots of love Quotes Meaning: Do you think that people who are in depression do not love anybody?. If so, your thinking is wrong. They are the people who have lots of love, but the problem is that no one

Overcoming Depression Quotes With Love

Top Depression Quotes

The greatest healing therapy for overcoming depression Quotes Meaning: To overcome depression, you need someone to take a walk/drive, with a sympathetic ear to listen to your struggle. But this is not enough as they have to tolerate your helplessness, fear, guilt, anger, and frustration.

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  1. I agree with this quote. All through our life we would love to have someone to listen to, talk to, receive advice and suggestion. This just gives us satisfaction that atleast there is someone in our life with whom we can share this life.

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