Creative Thinking Skill can be learnt, practiced and improved like any other skill.

Opportunistic Mindset of Entrepreneurs

On a weekend, I stumbled upon an interesting article which discussed a physicist idea about the origin of life. When I decided to dig a little deeper about the origin of life and evolution, I came across an interesting term ‘opportunistic evolution’. For me, this term was new though I have read Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Mastery - Mastering skill through hard work

I recall having an interesting conversation with my friend about thinking and mastering skill before he launched this website. Here is the conversation that went on between us: “You have been traveling number of years from home to office and back. Even when your mind is filled with a lot thoughts during the journey, you manage to

Secret history of Many Inventions is hard work not intelligence

I began reading the book ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene earlier this week. While reading the book, I began to draw comparison with the book ‘How to fly a horse’ by Kevin Ashton. Growing up, I read about the theories by great scientists, works of great artists and details about the greatest inventions which paved way for

Why are Children more creative than Adults?

In couple of my blog posts I had described some of the innovative ideas presented by children. We seem to instinctively know that children are more creative than adults! I am sure you have come across phrases like ‘child like imagination’, ‘think like a child’ when it comes to creative thinking! Pablo Picasso, the most important

Creativity quotes seeing same but thinking different

Creativity Quotes The important aspect of creativity is seeing the same thing as everybody else, but thinking of something different. Quote by A.P.J Abdul Kalam Quote about creativity Explanation There is not much difference between people who are creative and not is just the direction of the thinking. Both see the same event, but the direction they

Innovation by Kids - Test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

In the recent times, I have been astounded by the technological innovations by kids; ranging from virtual reality to mobile apps. However, last week I was in for a surprise! I read the news about how a 15 year old boy named Krtin Nithiyanandam developed a test for Alzheimer’s disease. Ideas presented by kids in the

Innovation by kids - Torch

Recently one of my colleague shared a link on the innovative ideas presented by the kids in the IGNITE competition. It is an annual national competition to harness the creative spirit of school children and find the greatest innovation by kids conducted by the National Innovation foundation of India. The first innovative idea on the list, brought

Innovation requires not just creativity

In the recent times, there has been a hyper growth in the number of startups. New innovations has been the buzz word! Being a keen follower of the startup forum discussions, I noticed a recommendation for the book titled ‘How to fly the horse‘. I was intrigued by the title and the topic that was discussed rightly

Understanding Creative and Critical thinking Skills

Is creative and critical thinking opposite ends of the same spectrum? Creative thinking is generally associated with words such as the ‘aha! moment’, ‘magical’, ‘cannot be taught’, ‘ground breaking ideas’. Critical thinking involves identify issues, understanding the multiple relevant view points, evaluating them and then deriving a decision/solution.   Let me cite an excerpt which was

Teaching Thinking Skills In Schools

Are we teaching thinking skills in Schools? Before answering the above question, let first think what is being taught in schools. During Primary and Secondary education, importance is given mostly to Arts and Science. Science is given more importance compared to arts during K11 and K12 class. If we look at, during school our capabilities