Know Anything Quote

If you want to thoroughly know anything teach it to others Quote Meaning: The highest level of knowledge is achieved only when you teach to others. It forces you to think about all the scenarios related to the concept you study and make associations with

Publish Itself Charity Quote


The charity which longs to publish itself ceases to be charity Quote Meaning: One of the oldest deeds people do to appeal themselves to the masses is charity. When someone donates something for the charity, we need to see whether they have done simply for

Many Enemies Quote

Prosperity makes some friends and many enemies Quote Meaning: When you make a lot of money, you are likely to have more and more people approach for help with their demand. When a wealthy person has financial resources, other people want to access and leverage

Someone's Friend Quote


Everyone is someone’s friend even when they think they are all alone Quote Meaning There is no one in this world who lives without a friend. You may not have good friends around you but everyone would always like to be good friend to someone.

Lose The Game Quote


We didn’t lose the game we just ran out of time Quote Meaning: Vince Lombardi, the Football coach was once questioned after losing a game. Lombardi said that in his entire career he never lost a single game. he just ran out of time to win. He

Who Dares Quote

Fortune sides with him who dares Quote Meaning: A clever way of saying good fortune doesn’t come to us; by taking risks we get to it. Life is all about taking risks. The one who is willing to take risks are the ones who are rewarded.

Success Is Achieved Quote


Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying Quote Meaning: We get it wrong most of the time when we are very close to our target. We give up before we put out ideas into practice. We give it a shot

A Big Difference Quote

There is little difference in people but that little difference makes Quote Meaning: Although you might have heard story after story of people who have survived against tremendous odds because of their positive attitude, it is very difficult to cultivate a positive attitude in oneself.

Underpromise Overdeliver Quote


Underpromise Overdeliver Quote Meaning: The best advice one can get during the beginning of the career. When we begin the career, we have tendency to overpromise and overdeliver than what is actually needed. This behavior might get you quick benefits early on but will create issues

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