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Rank : 97 - Wherever they go Quote

Some cause happiness wherever they go Quote Meaning You might have encountered few people in your life who bring joy and happiness with them, and its spreads when they arrive. They are invited for all parties and make the environment live and make everybody happy.

Rank : 96 - Greatest Disease Quotes

Top Top 100 Poetic Status for Whatsapp

Nobody to anybody Quote Meaning The primary cause of depression is feeling lonely. The moment you start feeling that you are nobody for anybody in this world, loneliness kicks in your thoughts. The purpose of life is shaken, and the trouble starts. This is one

Rank : 94 - Learn Something Quote

Famous Top 100 Poetic Quotes

Main Topic: Learning Quotes Related Topics: Try, Something, Everything Try to learn something about everything and everything about something Author: Thomas Henry Huxley Quotation Reference:

Rank : 93 - Unnecessary Necessaries Quote

Civilization is a limitless multiplication Quote Meaning Main Topic: Wise, Wisdom Quotes Related Topics: Civilization, Limitless, Necessity Civilization is a limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessaries Author: Mark Twain Quotation Reference :

Rank : 91 - No Pains Quote

There are no Gains without Pains Quote Meaning: Unless otherwise, there is a pain in your muscles when you do exercise, you cannot build your muscles. Though this quotation talks about physical activity, it can be applied to all metaphors including achievement without struggle, success

Rank : 89 - Sweat Quotes about working hard

No goal was ever met without a little sweat quote meaning Our education system has failed to teach values and moral to society. It has taught us, to use the loopholes and exploit resources from both natures and others. Knowledge and effort are being used

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