Quotes about thinking bad

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There is nothing either good or bad Quote Meaning In this world, everything is both good as well as bad, it is based on the perception of your thinking. Main Topic: Thinking Quotes Related Topics: Good, Bad, Nothing There is nothing either good or bad, but

Serving Neighbours Quote

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I must not serve distant neighbors Quote Meaning Have you seen rich people showing their kindness towards their dogs but do not bother much about the people who work in their house. Their actions are not based on Kindness but because of their selfishness. What

Best Things in Life Quote

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The best things in life Quote Meaning Explanation about the quote on life: The whole world is running behind accumulating things without even thinking whether they want it tomorrow or not. But the strange thing is that they are not the best things in life.

Tragedy of Life Quote

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Explanation on tragedy quote about life: When someone dies, their talents, skill, knowledge all dies with them. But this is not a big tragedy of the life. When you live, if you cannot figure out what talent and skill you have. This is the biggest

Not to know is Wisdom Quote by Hugo Grotius

Not to know certain things is wisdom Quote Meaning Not just knowing about things is wisdom, equally not knowing some of the things is also wisdom. This is true with respect to knowing things about people. When we hear about other person behavior in someone

Butterfly has time enough Quotes

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The Butterfly counts not months Quote Meaning The butterfly lives only for one year, but it lives its life very happily and cheerfully because it does not count its life in months rather it counts every moment it collects honey. This is the reason its life

God Quotes about playing dice

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God plays dice with the World Quote Meaning If God created this world, why on earth does he make people suffer in this world. We are not subjects to be played like dice by him. Main Topic: Funny Quotes Related Topics: Wisdom, Believe, God, Dice,

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