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Emotional Pain is Sold Quote Meaning: There are two kinds of pain; one is physical and other is mental. One of the technique, marketers, and politicians use is to inflict mental pain to sell their products or thoughts in others. Main Topic: Pain Quotes Related

Learn How to react

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Do not learn how to react Explanation: This Quotation is not by Gautama Buddha by misattributed to Buddha by many people. It conveys not to react immediately. Instead, take the time to analyze the situation and respond to it later. Emotions if they are not controlled,

Hide our Feeling Quotes

We try to hide our feelings Quote Meaning: The close ones identify our feelings mainly through our eyes than from the words. Eyes are the door to our emotions and feelings.We feel awful when some stranger recognizes that we are in sorrow just by looking

Quotes about Feelings

Never waste your feelings Quote Meaning Have you felt that you have so much affection and love towards someone, but they do not bother and are not interested in spending time with us? This quotes about feeling questions, What is the point in loving someone

Wisdom Quotes about Life by Jean de La Bruyère

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Life is a tragedy for those who feel Quote Meaning: People who are emotionally weak will have a tough time leading their life. These people are always persuaded by others. But people who reason out very well and use their logical thinking will lead a

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